Voices everywhere…

Voices are everywhere, but not a decent conversation.  Especially in my head. No, I’m not that crazy over the quarantine, I actually am like this all the time. I wake up, make a mental list of my day, telling myself what I would like to get accomplished and then telling myself what I most likelyContinue reading “Voices everywhere…”


A Warm Piece of Toast…

Years ago while in Japan, a dear friend and I had babies within weeks of one another.   Both were little girls.  We would talk daily on the phone and we loved our talks. One day, mid morning ,the phone rang,  I answered in tears.  It was my friend Cindy, the one who had a babyContinue reading “A Warm Piece of Toast…”

Litte Man Lessons

It’s been a while since I wrote about a lesson I have learned from Little Man.  Little Man is truly a little man now, at three years old, he is no longer baby or toddler, but a boy.  A boy Pinocchio would have been envious of. The other day I went on Facebook to seeContinue reading “Litte Man Lessons”