Pride Cometh Before a…..

I am often lecturing my sweet hubby about his balance.  His balance isn’t the best because of past injuries.  Having had one foot broken off on his left leg and a severed quadriceps tendon on his right leg, I repeatably tell him he hasn’t a foot to stand on.   He often takes a tumble andContinue reading “Pride Cometh Before a…..”


Today I started to take down Christmas decorations.  The key word here is take down, not put away.  My extra room upstairs looks like Christmas collapsed in there.  Garland is strung across the floor, drying from being outside.  The outside ribbon is doing the same. It’s funny when you take down decorations. The rooms thatContinue reading “Damp…”

Lights in the night…

When we moved to South Carolina, hubby and I started to decorate outdoors for Christmas.  I was amazed when hubby really got into the fun of decorating.  He figured out what he wanted for the yard and we have slowly gotten all the pieces for the yard.  There are still more pieces we want, andContinue reading “Lights in the night…”

When there is no tree….

Thirty five years ago, hubby and I were living in Japan.  We were waiting the arrival of our first child.  We were excited beyond words during that  time. We were living in government quarters on an abandoned WWII Japanese airstrip.  The housing area was situated along two very long, wide roads which once were theContinue reading “When there is no tree….”

Not a Creature was stirring…

It is the quiet of the evening after a day of Thanksgiving.  The house is silent except for the ticking of the clock in the dining room and the rumble of the train on the tracks a mile or so from the house. I sit here wanting to get up and start to put awayContinue reading “Not a Creature was stirring…”