On Celebrating Little Man…

Two weeks ago Little Man turned three years old.  I cannot believe how fast the past three years have gone. Hubby and I traveled to D.C. to join in the festivities.  We were excited to see him and visit with him. He wanted a number party.  He loves numbers.  The online invitation had a guestContinue reading “On Celebrating Little Man…”

Over three decades ago….

31 years ago today, I woke up and decided to have a cook-out.  We had friends coming over to help organize my new house and to help me out. I got up, fixed some macaroni salad, put some beans in to bake and got hot dogs and hamburgers ready for the grill. I made cherryContinue reading “Over three decades ago….”

Happy 2nd Little Man….

In a couple of hours I will be going to a party.  This is a party I have looked forward to attending.  Little Man is two years old today. My thoughts have gone back to two years ago often the past couple of days.  When he was carried into our lives and we saw himContinue reading “Happy 2nd Little Man….”

I love technology….

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday.  It was a good day, we went to a matinée, exchanged a shirt that was the wrong size and went to dinner at our favorite little Italian place.  We came home, and poor hubby laughed while I sang happy birthday to him.  He blew out his candles (only 1/10 of what shouldContinue reading “I love technology….”

When he was 17, it was a very good year…

42 years ago, I had a carefully wrapped navy blue scarf and a plastic road-runner statue ready to give to my boyfriend.  He was 17 and we had dated for nine weeks.  I was so excited to give him his gifts.  The scarf was the best polyester knit material I could find with my babysittingContinue reading “When he was 17, it was a very good year…”