Slow Dance into Fall

In mid August I wrote a post about autumn approaching.  How there was a nuance of its impending arrival… well, here we are in late September and the temperature is still in the mid 70’s creeping up into the low 80’s.  Autumn, when are you going to fall? As I was walking my dear littleContinue reading “Slow Dance into Fall”


In A Moment

I have often thought of writing this post, and I have often thought of not writing on this subject.  It is a conflict within me and after doing battle in my mind I lost and here I go. 46 years ago today there was a very simple moment in my life.  It was 7:28 a.m..  AContinue reading “In A Moment”

Passing into Autumn

This afternoon I have spent most of my time at my kitchen table.  I have poked around on the computer a bit, but mainly, I have watched the sun make its trek across the sky, changing the light in our backyard. The temperature is still high.  The humidity is matching the temperature.  There is a nuanceContinue reading “Passing into Autumn”