45 years ago…

Forty-five years ago today was the last day I was by myself.  The 17th of September, 1971, I went about my day.  Our teachers were on strike and I was at home most likely doing nothing, but reveling in the extended summer vacation the lower class-men at the high school had.  The seniors continued onContinue reading “45 years ago…”

Memorial Day…

This weekend is the Memorial Day weekend.  A time where there are picnics and sometimes parades.    My Facebook feed has been filled the past few days with memes of Memorial Day. It is true that this weekend marks the beginning of summer, of course it does, it is the end of May and June isContinue reading “Memorial Day…”


Spoiler alert: This is a long post filled with thoughts I have decided to share with the world. The title to this post was going to be different from what it is.  I was going to title it Little Miss Life Lesson.  In truth, this post will be because of Little Miss.  She is openContinue reading “Honestly….”

Bucket List…

Our oldest daughter is staying with us while she is in transition to their new place.  We have had her and Little Miss with us for almost two weeks now.  It has been a wonderful visit. The other day she mentioned my bucket list.  We had been talking about how I turned down seeing BarryContinue reading “Bucket List…”

“Be proud of the person you are”

As long promised, here is my guest blogger… She writes under PDA…the positive disabled adult by Beth Puleo .  She is the youngest child of my younger sister.  After three boys, she was born.  Special just because of that, but, she has exceeded every expectation and dream of ours.  Please, give her a read, followContinue reading ““Be proud of the person you are””