Thank you Mr. White

Having read a couple of posts about Memorial Day (which is this weekend), I began to think about this holiday and how it affects me. Several weeks ago I was blessed reading a post about the Australian/New Zealand Memorial Day celebration.  I cried through the post and was thankful for those brave men who served theirContinue reading “Thank you Mr. White”

When does this ride stop?

Hello everyone!  I feel like I have been on a non stop merry-go-round for the past couple weeks.  I have thought of my blog and have wanted to write, but have not stopped long enough to think coherent thoughts, let alone write anything. I will write more about all that has transpired in the pastContinue reading “When does this ride stop?”

Pardon Me, I think you are standing on my soapbox

Many times in my life I still view things like the skinny 17 year in my mind.  I think I am flexible and generous in my thinking and accepting attitudes in others.  I smile often when reading my Facebook page, seeing what posts my younger ‘friends’ write.  I feel good about myself during those times. Lately, though,Continue reading “Pardon Me, I think you are standing on my soapbox”

Home of Quaker State, Pennzoil and Me…

Welcome to Oil City, Pennsylvania!  The title of this post is obsolete.  Quaker State Oil and Pennzoil are now in the great state of Texas.  I lived in Oil City for 19 years and have not lived there for 37+ years now.  But, Quaker State oil and Pennzoil were founded there, as was I.  ItContinue reading “Home of Quaker State, Pennzoil and Me…”

HBM (Humbled Beyond Measure)

It is almost tomorrow, and I am just now sitting down to write today. It won’t be a long post, but, I did not want another hour to go by without mentioning how humbled and blessed I have been.  Humbled and blessed beyond measure. Yesterday I wrote my post and revealed things on my heart. Continue reading “HBM (Humbled Beyond Measure)”

We Interrupt This Meltdown for the letter “M”

Or, a better title, “would you like some cheese with your whine?” Spoiler alert: Disconnected ramblings from a would be writer?  I mean, would be writer. Did you ever have days where you feel like the voices in your head are arguing?  I have had a constant battle raging in my head since early SaturdayContinue reading “We Interrupt This Meltdown for the letter “M””