A Memory of A Friend…

Friendships grow out of a shared experience, a shared time, a shared interest. Sometimes you are thrown together unexpectedly, and it turns out that it was a divine appointment. A meeting that was ordained from God.

Such was a friendship that began so many years ago. When we arrived in Japan in 1976, we were put onto a housing list. We could not get into government quarters (translated an American type home) until our name came to the top of the list. We arrived in June of 76 and until November of that year we lived in a cute little Japanese apartment.

When our name came to the top we drove up to Yokohama to look at houses. There were three couples who were looking at three houses. As typical in military communities, rank took priority. Hubby and I had second choice of the three couples.

The first home was cute, and the couple ahead of us commented on how cute it was. So, we knew that house was taken immediately. One to the second one, it was nice, not as nice as the first. I knew I could live there with no problem. I heard the wife of the third in line couple say, ” I really like this, but, it will most likely go to the other couple.” The third place we were unable to go into. We went to the third place, which overlooked a cute little grassy area. I loved it. So, each of us got our wish for our houses.

We settled into our place and thought no more of the other couples, until one day I was grocery shopping and ran into the second couple. They invited hubby and I over for tacos. We went and from that simple beginning, a friendship that became family developed.

So many things I do in daily life remind me of them. And like family, thoughts, prayers and memories happen with the simplest of things. Last Saturday, Cindy passed away. Her health has been failing the past few years. We have talked, but, as is true, not often enough. Hindsight is generally filled with regret. The should-haves flood your heart as you think of missed opportunities. Such was true for me.

When I heard the hard words from her daughter whom I have known since before she started school, my heart broke. I knew she was now whole, able to see again, able to walk and run (although I could hear her laugh at that thought) and that she was once more healthy. No more would she be trapped in a body that was failing her, she would be free and looking into the face of her Creator.

Cindy was a dear friend. One who listened with a caring ear. She would encourage me, laugh with me, cry with me, and challenge me. Her quiet way was filled with strength. When we talked we would say our hellos and then start to laugh and cry at the same time each telling the other we needed to not take so long between calls.

She leaves behind her husband who is my brother from another mother, and three beautiful girls all with their own families and stories. We were able to spend time with them and it was like walking into home to be with them. They had grown, they had families, but, it was still the same in so many ways.

When I was younger I would hear older people say how dear Heaven is. I never quite understood that saying. I thought how can Heaven be so precious when there is so much of life here. I now understand, with the passing of each person I know Heaven is becoming a treasure, a place I long to be, to be reunited with friends and family and once more laugh with my friend Cindy.

Thanks for stopping by today, Cathi (DAF)


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2 thoughts on “A Memory of A Friend…

  1. A beautiful tribute, Cathi. My deepest condolences to Cindy’s family, and my love to you and to Dale for the loss here on earth of this dear friend.

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