Oh, There You Are…

One of my all time favorite movies is Hook, starring Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan. In one scene one of the lost boys goes up to a grown up Peter and takes his hands and moves the cheeks to reveal a younger looking man. At that point, the lost boy says, “Oh there you are Peter”. The boys did not recognize the grown up Peter, but, hidden underneath the age is Peter Pan.

I thought of that quote last week as my hubby and I had lunch with some friends. I glanced over during a conversation and there in the middle of talking came this quote, although the name was different, the thought was the same. “Oh, there you are Debbie”

Beside me sat my first true grown-up friend. The friend I met after growing up. I didn’t know her since kindergarten or from high school. I met this women after being married and living away from all my established friends and family. She is a kindred spirit. The kind of friend you recognize immediately. You don’t often find these precious individuals and when you are blessed, as I have been (for me, only a couple of times) you cling to these friends and hold them near to your heart. They take up residence in your heart and when thinking of them you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Debbie and I met in Japan. We lived in the same housing area. We would walk back and forth from our homes. We laughed often. She drew me in with her contagious laughter and her expressive communication, mostly with her hands.

She and my oldest now live minutes from one another. With each visit to our daughter, hubby and I meet at least once a visit for lunch with our friends. Last week was no exception. We have found a place that has become our place. It is the usual spot to meet. We find a table and spend an hour or so catching up, laughing and continuing the conversation started forty-three years ago. It is wonderful.

During lunch last week, as I mentioned, I had a lost boy experience, I looked over at my friend, now older, a bit heavier(aren’t we all?), and a face of an older woman. I looked at my friend talking and my mind raced. Here was someone that I have great respect for, she has been an example to me of unconditional love, she gives love and support to her family in a way I admire. She gives when she has nothing left to give, I know that is a cliche, but for her it is true. She is a woman of faith and freely shares that too. She has bolstered me in several times of hardship. And, here she sat beside me, talking (yes, with her hands) and I saw the younger Debbie. The dark haired, energetic and bubbling Debbie. I smiled, yes, there you are Debbie. I see you. I recognize you. To others around us, we were four senior citizens, maybe talking louder than normal in our excitement. I am certain the young people thought it was nice that we four were still able to get out and about, To me it was a gathering of devoted friends. Age was erased, gray thinning hair was replaced by full heads of hair, clear eyes, young bodies and lives that were not worn down by experience.

I loved the time together and look forward to the next visit. It has been a bit since I last wrote, and this I felt needed to come out of my thoughts. As it is December 22nd, I wish you all a very blessed and Merry Christmas. I had one of my best gifts during lunch last week, I spent an hour with my friend.

Thanks for stopping by. Cathi (DAF)


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6 thoughts on “Oh, There You Are…

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m sitting here blubbering like a baby! I have told so many tales about you to my family that I can’t wait for them to meet you in person. God willing, this Coronavirus gone, maybe next time. I feel like God gave me an early Christmas present with you coming to visit your daughter…..and I got the gift!

  2. So good!!! Love you both so much!! And in the midst of the, God was honored and present, in the laughter, the reminiscing and the love shared together! Hugs!

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