Wedding Cake Topper…

Growing up, my Mother’s bottom drawer of her dresser held a treasure trove of mementos for my sisters and I to explore.   Inside that drawer were photos, her wedding shoes (satin shoes), and her wedding cake topper.   She had these sugar bells that had once graced her wedding cake.   I loved those.  So, when I married, to honor her, I had bells at the top of my wedding cake.

I love my cake topper.  There are satin and sugar bells with some tulle at the top.   Glued to the main bell are two little hearts.   Perfect for me.   This cake topper has always held a place on my dresser as a reminder of that day.   Unfortunately, I never got anything to place this topper in and so it has been standing in the air, collecting dust  through these almost 46 years.

During this quarantine time, hubby and I have been redoing our master bedroom. It has been an extended project, taking much longer than either of us expected and truth be told, we wanted.   We moved everything out of our room, and since then, we have furniture and usual dresser top things strewn throughout our house.   We have taken up residence in our guest room and that looks like the most disrespectful guests have been there, with our normal bedroom things cramped into a smaller room.   Our master bedroom gets put back together this week and for that I am doing a major happy dance.

This morning as I was walking through our dining room, I glanced down at our dresser items placed in neat piles at one end of our dining room table.  Sitting there, in a place of prominence, is our cake topper.  It was like the first time I actually looked at it in a very long time.  wp-1595081206044.jpg

I almost did not share a picture of it, it looks so beaten up, but in order to make my point, you had to see this photo.

This poor cake topper has been everywhere with us.  It was not put into anything that would protect it.  It has been through each move with us.   Wrapped countless times and countless ways, shoved into boxes and shipped all over the world.  When it has reached its destination, it is unpacked, unwrapped and mindlessly placed back on top of my dresser.

45 and one half years ago today this cake topper was new and white and lovely as it sat upon our cake.  We had just said the words, “For better, for worse, for richer for poorer, to love, honor and obey, in sickness and in health, til death do us part.”   At the time those were just words to make it official.   We didn’t have a clue.  We, too, were new and white and lovely.

Since that time, we too, have been exposed to the elements.  We have been wrapped and unwrapped and moved around the world.   We have seen colds and flu and viruses, and cancer, broken bones, broken hearts, fears and doubts and everything in between.  We have experienced life.

Today as I looked at my poor little cake topper, I realized that my initial thought to finally get rid of it was wrong. This ugly thing still needs a place of honor because it truly does reflect what our life together has been like.  Chipped, broken, a bit worn and some residue along the edges, but, if you look close enough, you still see the two hearts glued together in the very center of it.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Topper…

  1. Love how you describe marriage. Those of us who have stood the test of time can see ourselves in every word that is written. 💕

  2. Wow, Cathi….I absolutely love this. What a wonderful way to reflect on the past…bringing it to the present. Confidentiality, not a clue where our beautiful wedding cake topper is, I do have pictures. When we moved back to CA from pastoring in Idaho, Adam and another pastor friend, decided they wanted to move our things, while the girls and I were in CA. Much to my dismay, they tossed (?) all my Christmas decorations from my childhood, along with treasures from our wedding, a very special doll of April’s, and Heather’s beloved cat, plus many more things. What was treasures to the girls and I quickly became junk probably taken to the goodwill…the cat???

    I am so blessed to see, that through all of your life together, you have treasured this cake topper….may it never fade from your view! Love you, dear friend!!♥️🌹

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