science IS interesting…

While I was in elementary school I was never a fan of science class.  Especially studying weather in science.   Clouds,  what’s up with studying them?   I never could understand that.  White clouds are in the sky.   If they turn dark, then expect rain or snow.  If the clouds come down to the earth and you can’t see three feet in front of you, it’s foggy.  If there are no clouds, it’s a clear sunny day.   That’s how I have always viewed that.  I still cannot tell a nimbus cloud from a stratus cloud.  It just doesn’t resonate with me.

Early in the day yesterday I checked my normal weather sites as I always do.  I do like knowing what the temperature is.   I saw that there was a band of storms heading our way.  The bands had tornadoes in them.   I grew up in an area that had frequent tornadoes during the summer months.  I can remember hearing the siren go off and then there would be an incredible thunder storm and I would hear about the tornadoes.  I really gave them no thought.

About mid-day yesterday I watched a local forecast and this meteorologist was probably one of the best I have ever seen.  He was thorough and explained things in my language… simple.   This band of storms was going to hit during the night.

As I have mentioned, we usually do not give tornado warnings a second thought, but, for some reason, last night, we paid attention.   We got prepared, we got organized, and we set up an area in the basement, just in case.   The  weather man suggested someone staying up to watch the storm’s progress.   Hubby stayed up until 3 a.m.,  and headed to bed.  No sooner  did he go to bed then the weather was on non stop.   It was then that I decided had this technology been available when I was in elementary school, I would have loved science!

It was such a fascinating night to see the storm being tracked, and the time that it would hit areas.  It was amazing to me that they could tell when a tornado struck, and the speed of the wind with the tornado.

Our local area did not have a tornado touch down, but the wind gusts and the rain did damage to trees and power lines.   Several people did not fare as well and sustained severe damage, and my heart and prayers are with them.

I learned a lot last night, and found a new appreciation for science, but, I really still do not have a clue what clouds are what.

Thanks for stopping by today, stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands.   Cathi (DAF)

5 thoughts on “science IS interesting…

  1. Wow–glad the worst of the storms passed you by! The visuals that relate the storms these days are helpful to understanding, I think. I was never one for science much, but I know a tornado-looking sky, having grown up in Ohio. We spent quite a few late afternoons in the basement when I was a kid. Stay safe!

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