It’s the Little Things..Literally….

Another day in the days of quarantine…

This afternoon hubby went out to transplant some blueberry plants.   They have been in large planters on our deck for the past couple of years and this year they were strong enough to be put into the ground.   He went out today to transplant two more bushes.

As he is still gaining stamina from his surgery in January, I followed him out just to be there in case he needed help.   I busied myself with trimming some branches and pulling some dead plants.

A neighbor girl walked past us while walking her dog, Daisy.   She let go of Daisy’s leash so that Daisy could break protocol and come and get some attention from us.  It was a welcome break to have a furry dog giving us attention that was fresh.   We talked with Daisy and then she continued on her walk.

All continued to go well until I tried to do three things at once.   I was going to put the two small sets of clippers on a bench, put away a watering container for a neighborhood cat and throw some branches into the pile of debris that holds all our branches.

The containers got put away, the branches got thrown into the pile, and one set of clippers disappeared.   I traced and retraced my steps several times.   Frustration grew and grew and grew.   I fumed.   I prayed.  I did everything I could possibly do.   I ended up raking the side yard looking over and over again for those clippers.   I did a whole lot more work than I intended.

The clippers disappeared.  How?  I have no idea.   Where?   That’s another good question.  I finally came in went to Amazon and searched for a replacement pair.  They will arrive next week.

To say it was a relaxing afternoon is impossible.   Little things that would not bother me seem to be insurmountable today.   I came in, showered and got all the leaf debris off of me and have pouted.   I know it is not a major thing, yet it seems like it.   I know that this too will all pass.   Has anyone else experienced such frustration over little things during this time?   Oh please tell me I am not the only one!

Just had to vent.  Thanks for listening and stopping by.  Yes, remember my hubby in prayer as he has to live with me….  I think he is thinking 120 feet social distancing may be needed this evening…  I think he is looking and planning on building a man cave tonight.

Seriously, be safe, stay healthy and wash your hands.   Cathi (DAF)


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4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things..Literally….

  1. Cathi….As I read your post, I was thinking the clippers may have been in your pocket or maybe you threw them into the pile with the branches? So many instances in my days like these came to my mind…enough to fill a chapter of one of your books! We all have days like this….and it seems more so during this time in all our lives. I had been messaging back and forth with a friend from church, and mentioned to her that she was so kind. She replied, I don’t think my husband would think of me as kind today! My response to her was that it made me laugh. I shared with her that Adam will often introduce me to someone as his “lovely wife.” To which I commented, when Adam says that about me, I turn and try to see where his “lovely wife” went.😂
    Maybe we need women caves?? I know someone who just had one built in her backyard!😊. ♥️

  2. Although they could fit in a pocket, they weren’t. I even went through the brush pile. I have no idea where they went. Glad to hear I am not alone… Love you dear friend! Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. Oh, Cathi, I’m right there with you! The littlest things–yep–put me over the edge. I had nearly a full-blown tantrum yesterday at my boys’ Google Classroom situation. I despise the online remote learning, with new assignments that pop up seemingly out of nowhere! Yesterday, I reached my limit. A good night’s sleep, and today I’m fine and the boys are finishing up work they should have done through the week. It’s normal for these little things–like losing your clippers–to become magnified during such trying times, I think. I hope!

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