Texts and Tiredness…

As you all know I got up early yesterday to get to the store for that early shopping for the old folks….   What I didn’t mention is that the night previous I set my alarms (yes, two of them) so that I could get up in time.

When I haven’t gotten up early in a while the night before usually ends up being a sleepless night, for fear I will sleep through the alarm(s) and miss getting up.   This was no exception for me on Monday night going into Tuesday.  I slept three and half hours.  But, I did wake up and get out the door on time, so it was a win!!!

During this time of quarantine, my older sister has initiated a sisters group text.   She is good like that.   I have two sisters.  I am the middle one.  Yes, that one.  On top of being my older sister, she is the one who basically raised us, as our Mom died while we were still quite young.   Anyhow, I digress.

Last night, as is getting to be the norm, my sisters and I were discussing the virus and how it is affecting not only us, but, the cities we live in. (We are spread across three states, Michigan, Maryland and South Carolina)   These discussions can get quite serious.  So, me, being the middle child, the one who wants to make peace, be the one to tie things up in a pretty little bow, and pacify all who have ever lived in this universe, decided to make things fun.

Earlier I had face-timed with our oldest and her family.  Actually, although we talked longer to our daughter and her husband, what stayed with me the longest was seeing our Little Miss.   Being a grandmother, you know that in my opinion (and I believe those of all grandmothers) seeing a grandchild for 3 minutes takes precedence over a 20 minute conversation with an adult.   I also had a picture of Little Miss my daughter sent before our conversation.

So, back to the initial story….   Remember I had had only three and half hours of sleep.   I decided to brighten up the texts of the virus and make things a bit lighter for my sisters.  I sent them the picture of my Little Miss, with the sentence,  “hot to face time with this mess today”…  I realized that I meant Got, not hot.   I got a reply, I knew what you meant.   I sent a smiley face and commented, “She is a hit mess.”   Again realized my error and said, “Hit, man I need to get to bed.”   Once more realized that I had an error and said, “Hot, I give up, good night.”  I got a reply, “Good night, I love you.”

With that exchange I took off my glasses (yes, that is the scary part there)  and went to bed.     As I mentioned, I am the middle sister.   As I got ready for bed, I wondered why no one mentioned how cute Little Miss is.   I reminded myself that I would have told my sister how cute her little ones were.   The Middle child angst set in.   I was too tired to really dwell on it though.

I slept last night, and slept in today.  I got up, made my bed and put on my glasses.  I picked up my phone and checked my text messages.   Sure enough, there was a group text from my sisters.  I checked them and still no messages about how cute my Little Miss is.  I went through the texts from last night, not seeing my picture at all.  That is when it hit me, ‘I wonder who I sent that to?”

Turns out I sent the picture and the above comments to my oldest daughter.  Little Miss’s Mom.   I wrote my daughter with an explanation and we both laughed.  I told hubby and he laughed.  So, I am hoping this gives someone a laugh.

And, to all those middle children out there, we try our best.   We think we are making a mark in this world in bringing peace to our siblings.   Today, I am thinking the oldest is truly the wisest and the youngest does deserve the attention and sometimes, it’s better if we just stay quiet and go to bed!

Thanks for stopping by today, stay safe, stay healthy and wash those hands.   Cathi (DAF)



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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “Texts and Tiredness…

  1. Cathi, I loved your post today. I commented on your post from yesterday, and the one from today, but it said it would not take my comments. That is fine…just didn’t know if you knew….wondering if your inbox is full??

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