The Corona Dance…

While we dance around all that is going on in this world, I have decided that my dance is undefinable.   I love to see couples dancing.  The grace, the movements, the communication between them as they traverse a dance floor.   It is something that has always inspired awe in me.

I just spent a few minutes looking at the different types of dance.   Hubby and I actually took dance lessons years ago, but not much stuck with me, unfortunately.

How did I come upon the idea of dancing through this virus season?  Well, today I cleaned out my freezer.  You know that dreaded job of going through an icy cube (mine is a chest freezer), pulling undistinguished pieces of ice from the bowels of the cube?   Wondering what it was when you put it in there and when that could have been.   Maybe this is only me, I certainly hope not.

Anyhow as I was finishing up this chore, I realized that what I was really doing was taking stock of what I had.   I had previously counted our toilet paper and our paper towels.   I don’t believe I have ever done this, although now, it is becoming a habit.   This is when the idea of a dance came to mind for me.

I have started this dance of sorts.  I look, I plan, I figure out when I need to go out again.  I take a step of writing a list.  I then look at the list and think of what is absolutely necessary and what isn’t.  I rewrite the list, sort of like a twist.

The next step involves our door.  Do I go out or do I stay in?  This is on many levels.  Of course, I go for walks in our quiet neighborhood, and I retrieve the mail.  I remove the trash and take the trash to the curb.   All necessary chores, and like a lovely waltz where you are covering a large area.

But, taking the step of going out.  You know… OUT!   I am in ‘that’  group.  The one that has special shopping hours.   I listen to my children and my neighbors and our leaders, I avoid going out.   This process involves a little samba move, you edge forward, you step back…   Going nowhere fast! The doorknob looming before you, taunting you to turn it.

Once you decide you may need to go out, the next decision is where?  Which shop would have the least amount of germs and the greater amount of what is needed?  It’s all a guessing game, because you don’t want to go to too many places and risk more exposure.  You jitterbug around this decision, weighing the pros and cons.  Wal-mart?  Definitely not.   Costco?  Maybe, but, I really don’t need the super large size of baking powder.   Our local grocery store where I feel most comfortable?  A definite maybe, although I am comfortable there, meat and dairy has been non existent, and they did not have my baking powder a week ago when I ventured in quickly.

What a unique experience this has all been.  So many things that I still mentally take for granted start to fall apart when I begin to think of things.  My hanging baskets on my front porch are empty.  I  put them up thinking I would put silk plants in them this year to see how I liked them.  The real plants I have had in the past scorch in the afternoon sun and the wasps tend to make nests in and around them, making it dangerous to do a lot of tending to them.  But, to get the silk plants involve that dance of venturing out to shop.   So, the baskets remain empty.   Projects I had planned on doing dissolve like the baskets.  Online I look, but, I confess, I much prefer going and touching and looking before I press that order button.   So, I dance.

This too will pass.  This time next year I will wonder why I put off so many spring projects, and I will remember and smile to myself and be thankful.   Thanks for stopping by today, stay safe, stay healthy and wash your hands!   Cathi (DAF)








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6 thoughts on “The Corona Dance…

  1. Love you, friend…thank you for sharing your thoughts! You are always a joy and always encouraging!

  2. Thank you, Cathi. I always relate thoroughly to your writing, In fact, I cleaned out my freezer today also. One learning experience out of this strange time that I am telling myself – “Don’t keep buying and eating new foods, when you have a lot in the freezer!”

  3. Since a lot of my stuff was beyond looking like it should, I do need to dance my way out to get some more meat!! We’re good, so there’s no rush, I can slowly meditate on getting out! Love you Ruthie!

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