Out for a Drive…

Thought I would share my thoughts from today  with you all.  Earlier today hubby and I took a drive.  We left the house shortly after noon, and went out of the garage to get into the car.  We were greeted by a swarm of mosquitoes so very happy to be able to annoy people again, and a layer of yellow pollen covering the car and windshield like a layer of ice.

Battling past the mosquitoes, we got in the car and headed off.  Thrilled to be out and have no particular place to be.   Hubby headed through the back country roads that stretch through our state.   The car was comfortably cool while the temperatures outside registered in the mid to high 80’s.   Because of the heat, we did not see many people outside.   A few brave souls were mowing their yard or doing some type of work, but as we drove by them,  they would glance up with a look of sweaty questioning wondering why we were out and about today.

The azaleas were beautiful in full blooms of red and coral.  They dotted the landscape as did the dogwoods and wisteria.  The blooms along with the Easter decorations adorning homes made it a wonderful spring trip.

Since moving to the southern United States, I find on drives my thoughts often turn to the wooded areas and I search through them.   You can see pathways from the car while driving, you also see swampy areas and creeks running freely.  I remember seeing similar vistas from drives from my childhood, but somehow the views here in the south evoke wonder and imaginations.   Often my thoughts turn to the wars that were fought in these woods.   I wonder how young men, boys who had never traveled and were thrust into these areas for battles felt upon seeing a swamp for the first time.  I know the same holds true for those young men from the south thrust into the north and seeing snow and ice for the first time.  I guess it’s because I grew up with snow and ice and took them for granted and I am still adjusting to seeing the things so common here in the south.

Although we drove through many wooded areas, we drove past many beautiful homes.  Not majestic homes, just homes.  Decorations up, flags flying in the breeze, cars parked in the yard, normal homes.   I mused to hubby that when I see a home like I just described, with the front door open to reveal the inner door, I expect that when you went inside you would smell the most delicious scents welcoming you to sit and enjoy a meal with the occupants.

We drove for a couple of hours.  It was a quiet ride, just the two of us.  We conversed, but it wasn’t a constant chatter.  Most of it was just enjoying the ride, listening to music from the 60’s.   Relaxing, calm, and outside.

Returning home, we came in refreshed.  Taking drives is what hubby and I have always loved to do.  We would drive for hours when we were dating.  We drove around each new duty station we were assigned to.  We get to know our home state by driving around.  Today was a familiar drive, but it was a comforting one.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you had something in your day to break the monotony.  This whole world is doing the same thing now.  We are all faced with social distancing and staying healthy.  As I think about it, we are all alike.  Husbands are bored and praying and hoping against a ‘honey-do’ list that they have avoided successfully in the past.   Wives are bored because, although they have things they could do, they all involve getting to the shops to find things to do their projects.   Kids are bored, well, because kids are always bored.  But, this too will pass.  We will come out the other side with experience and tales to be told.   We will once more not think twice of popping into a car and driving to a store to pick up something insignificant.   We will hug people and not remember how we yearned to hug a friend in greeting.  It will be a thing of the past until we make an effort to remember.  I am anxious for those days to return.  We all are.  Until then, be safe, stay healthy and wash your hands.   Cathi (DAF)


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2 thoughts on “Out for a Drive…

  1. Happiness is being grateful where you are and thankful for what we have. Loved your story of gratefulness. My hubby and I are grateful for our health, spending time in the DFW area with our daughter, communicating with family via FB, supporting local dining and no Covid19. We’re from OC, Pa and the virus is ramping up there. Thanks for sharing your article and giving us fresh reading material. Stay well.

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