I just texted a dear friend and after exchanging our days today, she told me to go write something.  I replied that everything seemed negative in my head, but I was trying to get something written.

Suddenly I thought of what we are all going through, quarantine.   How many words describe quarantine? I turned to thesaurus.com  to see.   There I found what I was looking for.   They listed six words, I am certain I could have found more.   What are the six listed synonyms for quarantine you ask?   Well, here they are: detention, seclusion, separation, segregation, sequestration, and lazarettos.   Well, I understood five of these words, and I could even use them in a sentence, thank you to the nuns at St. Joseph school in Oil City, PA.    But, lazarettos was a new one for me.

Since I discovered a new word, I just had to research that one too.   The definition of lazarettos is:

noun,plural laz·a·ret·tos.

1. a hospital for those affected with contagious diseases, especially leprosy.
2. a building or a ship set apart for quarantine purposes.
3. Also called glory hole. Nautical. a small storeroom within the hull of a ship, especially one at the extreme stern.  (Taken from Thesaurus.com)
Isn’t glory hole an incredible term?
What are the synonyms for lazarettos?    There are five of them,  can you guess what they are?  Yep, detention, seclusion, separation, segregation, and sequestration.
Now I sit here trying to find a good sentence for lazarettos.    This is my day.  It is pretty much the same as yesterday.   I know that each day is new.  Each day is filled with grace.   Each day is a gift and filled with fresh hope.  I know all that.
But, ennui is rearing it’s ugly head right now.  I know in another hour or so, it will be different.  It will be a bit cooler after the sun starts to set, I will head out for a walk and thank our Lord for the blooming trees and flowers.  I will pray for my neighbors as I walk past their homes.  I will remember how Little Miss loves to stop and talk to the metal rooster that sits on a neighbor’s mailbox.   I will hear the echoes of Little Man’s laughter when we run through the field at the end of the cul-de-sac.    Then the ennui will pass, and the evening will begin.
How is everyone else dealing when ennui sets in?  I hope whoever is reading this is well.  Stay sane, stay safe, wash your hands.  Thanks for stopping by today…  Cathi (DAF)

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

6 thoughts on “Ennui…

  1. Love you, sweet sister in the Lord. Looking for more of Jesus shining through the gloom of this chaotic time in the stillness and slowing down of our daily activities. Struggling to reach out for more Hope in Christ, as my heart aches as I pray for those I know, and those I don’t know, with the trials that are befalling them.
    In all the valleys…He restores our souls…praise Jesus for His faithfulness….and His love!

  2. Thanks for another great writing! To tell the truth, I have not had an ennui (had to look that word up!) myself personally. I am really enjoying some free time to do things I never have time to do – making cards, rearranging decor, cleaning out closets and setting aside things I want to get rid of. But my unrest has come from seeing what the Enemy is doing to torture and nearly destroy many people and families – those who live on the edge anyway, are now destitute, and wondering how they will pay the rent, etc. Or they have family members who are sick. Or they are medical workers trying to keep sane as they realize the danger they are in and what that means to their families. There have been plenty of other worldwide disasters in modern times, so I’m pretty sure we will get through this one, but some lives are being changed forever. Oh how I pray that many are being changed by turning towards Our Savior!

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