A Light in the Clearing…

I love walking in the woods, well, those woods I know, at least.  My favorite poem is by Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  and I find myself quoting it several times.

When going for a walk in the woods, you leave the bright daylight and follow a path.  This path meanders down hillsides, around rocks and outcroppings, through streams, up hills and through moss covered embankments.   You carefully watch where you are going, aware of how you are stepping and what is around you.  A walk in the woods brings your senses alive with the sights, the smells and the sounds of nature.

Eventually you come to a clearing, thinking, as they say, you are out of the woods.  But, you find that no, it is a clearing among the trees.  A place to see the quiet of the area, a grassy area to pause, to soak in some sun and sky, to see birds darting across the sky and maybe a squirrel jumping from a tree into the clearing.  It is then that you know you are not out of the woods, yet.

Two weeks ago I was looking through my blog history and came upon the memories of caring for hubby when he had severed his quadriceps tendon.  I had to clean the pool and water plants and I had detailed my misadventures in those blogs.  I smiled to myself remembering how frustrating those days were.  But, I prevailed and can now even begin to laugh at the memories.   I also read them with a light to the coming weeks, knowing hubby was going to once more be in the recuperating mode.

Yes, hubby had some surgery and is now post-operative.  He is doing well, as am I.   The only mishap has been his first time taking a shower.  You know how wonderful showers feel when you haven’t been able to shower in a couple of days.  We prepared for this event.  I laid out towels, and all that was needed.  I helped him as much as I could.  He stepped into the shower and as I was walking out of the bathroom I heard it… bam!   Oh no!  Thoughts of him collapsed on the floor flooded my mind as I raced back into the room.  Instead what I saw was the shower door open and the shower head laying across the room!  Water on the floor and a perplexed hubby looking at me.   So, picking up the sopping wet towels and rugs, I proceeded to wipe up the floor.  Fortunately, it will be an easy fix and we have three other showers in the house to use until hubby can become handy man extraordinaire!  Oh the misadventures of recovery!

So, as we have continued on this newest adventure, we realize how wonderful our times together are, and although this adventure isn’t quite ended yet, we are enjoying the clearing in the woods and each other, knowing the edge of the woods is in sight.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Cathi (DAF)


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4 thoughts on “A Light in the Clearing…

  1. Enjoyed this so much, as I sit sipping my morning coffee, and simple breakfast. It brought back memories of me reading your blog about cleaning the pool and all, several years ago. I also know the today in this and take a breath as you know, I to have a recovering husband. Thank you, so much dear friend, for sharing your heart and glimpses of your path. Love you, so much!!

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