Home of Quaker State, Pennzoil and Me…

This is an older post of mine. I thought about it at the beginning of the week and thought I would do a throw back Thursday on it. Hope you enjoy it. Cathi


Welcome to Oil City, Pennsylvania!  The title of this post is obsolete.  Quaker State Oil and Pennzoil are now in the great state of Texas.  I lived in Oil City for 19 years and have not lived there for 37+ years now.  But, Quaker State oil and Pennzoil were founded there, as was I.  It was our birthplace and for me, it is forever etched into my dna.

Oil City is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Erie, PA..  There are two bodies of water that flow through this idyllic town, the Allegheny River and Oil Creek. It is located in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.  Oil for production purposes was discovered in the nearby city of Titusville, by Edwin L. Drake in 1859.  We are known as the Valley that Changed the World.  A fascinating story of oil boom towns and fires are part of the history of Oil City.

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