Yesterday we woke up to this.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  I love snow.  I smile when I see snow.  I turn into that child that wants to run outside all bundled up and play.  We had heard we may get snow, but, we have heard that a couple of times this winter.  Each time has been a disappointment to hubby and I.   We read accuweather and saw that the snow was supposed to come at 3:00 a.m.  We actually stayed up until 3:30 a.m. hoping to at least see some flurries.  Every few minutes one of us would go out to the front porch and look.  Each time one of us would report that although we could smell the coming of snow, it was not snowing.

Finally, saner minds took control and we went to bed, knowing that we would be disappointed once more, but resigning ourselves to the fact that we once again, may not have snow.

You can only imagine our excitement to wake up and see our beautiful property covered in glorious snow yesterday.   We watched as the snow kept falling throughout the morning.  We had a late breakfast and went out to explore our property.  We walked through our woods, loving each snow covered branch, each tree laden down with the weight of the snow.  We were out until our feet were cold and our hands cold.  It was a day I will always remember.

Snow is important to me.  It is part of who I am.  I know that sounds strange, but there is a part of me that comes alive in snow.  I don’t tire of it.  It is a part of my childhood and it is a part of our young married life living in Maine.  It makes my heart glad.




Snow especially means a lot to me on this day.  Forty three years ago today, I woke up to a blinding snow storm.  I gasped as I looked out the window.  I wasn’t expecting snow on that day, it hadn’t really crossed my mind.  But, there it was and still falling.  I got dressed, curled my hair, put on my make up and then posed with my family for my wedding pictures.

It was a day I will always remember, as you do whenever you get married.  But, this day had so many unexpected laughs and memories that I hold dear.  So, as I look out our back windows today at the snow covered woods behind our home, I remember seeing my dashing young groom come sliding into a parking place in front of the church, bounding over the snow drifts and heading into the church.

I will remember my forever friend’s father making snow balls and throwing them at us as we were getting our pictures taken inside the church.  I will remember walking through knee deep snow in the parking lot of our reception hall and being caught by my groom as I went sliding into the hall almost losing my balance.  I will always remember the look on my Aunt Dot’s face when she saw me almost fall.    I will remember the band walking in late for the reception since they were in three snow related accidents trying to get to the reception.  None of those memories would have happened had there not been snow.  So, yes, I do love snow as it makes the best memories to hold.

Outside of living in Maine some thirty nine years ago, we have not had snow on our anniversary.  It was a special gift to me this year.  One that I will always remember.  Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby.  I may not have written anything lovely on Facebook today, but, this is for you.  It has been an adventure, hasn’t it?  IMG_1869

Thanks for stopping by today.  Cathi (DAF)


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14 thoughts on “Snow…

  1. What a beautiful post Cathi! I too, love the snow & think there is nothing more beautiful than a landscape blanketed in a fresh layer of the fluffy white stuff! I can’t imagine living in a place where there is little or no change of seasons. I will take snow any day!

  2. Dear Cathi, I loved your post today….so touched my heart. God is good, He blessed you in His special way. I am reminded of the kids adoption day, back in CA,,,11 years ago…January 12th. We were driving to the family court out near Redlands and it began to snow. David’s eyes just beamed from the snow falling. He was raised outdoors…homeless…much of his young life..near the mountains. I still remember his face…smiling with joy. He probably remembered times he was in the snow. God is good. Love you, friend….both you and Dale.

  3. Happy anniversary my friends.
    We had our first white Christmas,last year, since leaving Pa. 35 years ago. Patrick said we were going to have a white Christmas and he was so right. We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. We drove to Wickenburg; the drive was post card beautiful.
    Snow will always remind me of my childhood, Oil City and the ice boom. Is the boom still there?
    It’s chilly here with a small chance of snow this weekend.
    I’m actually ready for Spring. A few of our flowers are blooming already. LOL
    Love you –

  4. This was so fun to read 🙂 makes me want to be more thankful for all the snow we have here. It’s growing on me but I’m a warm weather, flip flop lover…so snow will never have my heart 😉
    Happy anniversary!

  5. I love you my dear friend. Your thoughts about the snow were wonderful. I love snow, too, and we got almost 10 inches!! Now you need to post some wedding pictures.

  6. I love the reference to your “forever friend” throwing snowballs. And staying up till 3 am to catch the snow flakes falling is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard. That is, to me, a life lived to experience the moment. Sleep later, experience life NOW. (But of course, still sleep. :)) What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your love of snow and why it means so much. It improves my own appreciation of it.

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