So over it…

Today I am using my blog as a place to air my opinions.  I do not want to cause a discussion in my comment section, I just want to state some things.

I am a Northern born Yankee.  I lived the first part of my life north of the Mason-Dixon line.   I learned about the Civil War in school.  I learned that the war started in my former hometown of Charleston, SC.      I also learned that states rights were the reason for said war.

I am a very proud Yankee.  That is just me.   That said, we moved to the south in 2009.  I made several jokes to my hubby that I would never be ‘genteel’…    I did not have the gracious and soft manners of the stereotypical Southern Woman.    I am just me.

But, the one thing I have discovered in the past few years of living in the South, is their fierce pride in their history.  Their pride is also the same pride I had when living in the North.    It is a pride of their heritage.  It is a pride of who their ancestors were.  The pride that is inherent to us all as individuals.   It makes us who we are as people.

I do not understand why monuments are being torn down.  I find this ridiculous.  I find it very offensive to me, a Yankee, to have monuments of great men being removed from perches they have been on for generations.  Why,  in this day and age, are they being taken down?  Have we become wiser?  I think not.  Has something about them changed?  I think not.

I think it arrogant for this generation to think they have a right to do such things.  I am appalled at the actions of people I see lately.    I do not see respect.  I do not see honor given to anyone.  This  is a sad commentary on the state of minds.

Like I stated previously, these are my opinions.  I have read and read and read so many people stating what they believe, I see so many spewing hatred and anger and then they speak of love and how they want and need hugs.   A well cannot produce sweet and brine water at once.    What does your heart say?

I am not a learned person.  I do not have a lot of education.  I have had experiences though, and I know that anger is not a good thing.  We each have a choice in how we react and act.  We can jump on a bandwagon and adopt a mob mentality, tearing down monuments and tearing down our President, or we can choose to  act in graciousness.  We certainly will not agree on everything.  But, reacting with violence and hatred is not the way either.

For months I have read and hidden posts on my Facebook account.  I have shaken my head at things I have seen.  I have chosen not to engage people on things.  This has been my choice.  I have tried to accept their opinions as that, their opinions.    This morning I went on to Facebook to see pictures of my Little Man’s first day of school.  I saw those, but then was hit with everything I have mentioned above.  I told myself that it is their right to speak.  That they have freedom of speech in this beloved country of ours.  I went to hide a post and realized in doing so, I was denying myself of my freedom of speech, thus, this post.

Again, I do not want to have any discussion of this, but, I had to stand for once and state my opinions.  DAF



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10 thoughts on “So over it…

  1. You and I share the same feelings. I hesitate to post on Facebook because of the extreme that people take things to anymore. Such hatred and lack of respect can be posted on my page and I really try hard to be positive so I simply choose not to post my feelings. In a way it’s kind of sad. I am glad to read your post on here though.

  2. I had to say something, and I know we don’t mention on facebook, but, I was hoping here it would be a neutral ground where I can write anything… had to get some things off of my chest! Thanks, Kathy! ❤

  3. Amen, I think history is not being taught, or taught incorrectly. Or perhaps there are more teachers that fall into the actor gay. If you can’t you teach. I know I had my share of the later as did my children but I digress. I cry for our country. But more need to attend church and even single parents can instill we eat dinner together. You cannnot teach common sense.

  4. Hi Cathi,

    Thanks for your blog. Being from the north, I tend to wonder why all the fuss. I am trying to see the other side of the issue, too, so I have not really formulated an opinion yet. I just know that hate, violence and lawlessness are not the answer. And when various groups use these tactics, how do they expect that to help us to respect them?

    Can’t wait to see you. Ruthie

    On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 11:16 AM, dearanonymousfriend wrote:

    > dearanonymousfriend posted: “Today I am using my blog as a place to air my > opinions. I do not want to cause a discussion in my comment section, I > just want to state some things. I am a Northern born Yankee. I lived the > first part of my life north of the Mason-Dixon line. I learn” >

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