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Love at First Sight…

on February 14, 2017

Today, being Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write a love story.  A love story dear to my heart.

Two years ago last night we saw our house for the first time on the outside.    Two years ago today, we walked into our house for the first time.  It was empty and filled with the winter sunlight.

We walked from room to room.  We searched each closet, each nook and cranny.  We didn’t leave for two and a half hours.  We walked around inside and outside.  We tried to see something we didn’t like.

But, as what happens with cases of love at first sight, we did not see anything.  We went ahead and now it is our home.  Like any relationship, we have come to see some flaws in our home.  We have been discouraged with some things.  This home, though, has grown with us.  It has seen visitors and loved ones.  It has witnessed much love and laughter.  It has seen our tears and heartaches.

Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, we fell in love with a house.  A structure sitting on a parcel of land.  It needed some work and still does, but, when it boils down  to it, don’t we all?    Two years ago, this was our gift to one another.  A forever home for us.  A place to grow old in.  A place to make memories.  A place to shelter us and provide a setting where love and peace live.

Happy Valentine’s Day.      Thanks for stopping by.  Cathi (DAF)



8 responses to “Love at First Sight…

  1. winter186 says:

    Such a lovely memory on Valentine’s Day !
    It is the same with us. In April, it will be 2 years since settling our Forever Home.
    Love you, Cathy.
    Blessing to you and Dale!

  2. love you Jill! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Helen k says:

    Another great one. So much talent

  4. thank you cousin. You mean the world to me, you know… your encouragement is so appreciated.

  5. Ruthie Carlson says:

    I love this writing. I love that you are right where you should be. You have and will minister to many in your wonderful home. Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you Ruthie! Thank you!

  7. Just another reminder that love comes in all shapes and sizes, as long as you’re willing to recognize it ❤

  8. very true, Life, very true. ❤

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