Homesick for what was…

Today was just another day.  We had a lot of rain last night, so I decided to go out and pull some more English ivy from around one of the tree gardens in our yard.  It is growing and choking out some azalea bushes and spring flowers. I spent a short time out doing that. Afterwards, I had a wonderful conversation with a friend from California and while talking with her, I realized some branches had come down during the rain last night.

So, after the conversation.  I went out to pick up the fallen branches.  It was a lovely day out.  Daffodils are blooming all over the yard and the hyacinths are budding.  I love this house in the spring.  Each place I look I see signs of spring and new life.   I picked a bouquet of daffodils and placed them on my kitchen counter.  My kitchen is a dark blue and the daffodils are a beautiful contrast.  I have been content today.

Later this afternoon, I heard a car drive into our driveway.  Several times I heard the locks beep.  I got up, and went outside.   A young woman was standing there.  I asked if I could help her.  She said she used to live in this house and wondered if it would be okay to sit in our driveway for a bit.  I told her it was not a problem and told her how much we loved our home.  She then asked if it would be okay to walk around a bit.  I agreed to that.  She thanked me and I told her it was nothing.  I then said, you’re homesick, aren’t you?  With that she started to cry and walked around to the side yard.

My heart broke.  She stood by our little wishing well, gently touching it.   I watched a bit from a window and could see her crying.  Hubby went out to talk with her and they stood and visited for a few minutes.  He asked if she wanted to come in, but, she declined.  She told him that the room that is now our guest room was her room.

As I have thought about this unexpected visit from a stranger, my heart broke for her.  She told my hubby that her folks divorced and they could not keep the house.  I know, for her today, she needed to see something that was a part of a past for her.  A past where she grew up and had love and laughter and memories.   I have prayed for her since she left.  I don’t know what she is going through now, but, I know there have been times in my life where I have longed for the past.  I have longed for the familiar, the comfortable.    As she drove off, I prayed that she would be okay.  We told her she was welcome to stop by anytime.  I hope somehow she felt a bit comforted by her visit home.

Many times we walk around lonely.  I hope that if any one of you who read this are experiencing such loneliness that someone will provide that bit of security and comfort for you.  Thanks for stopping by.    Cathi (DAF)


15 thoughts on “Homesick for what was…

  1. Thank you for bring spring to me! I could almost see your daffodils. Ours aren’t blooming yet!
    The woman stopping by was sweet and sad.
    She reminded me of us : Scott, Babs, Claire, Anna, Patrick and I going thru our home on 2nd st. It was nice showing Patrick where I lived but the changes were almost too much to see. Our stuff wasn’t there. I hope the woman who stopped in to see her house made her happier than it made me! Although we all had our own memories which we talked about for days we can’t go backwards only forward in life! But it sure was fun reminiscing.
    I can picture your house! The trees, gazebo, pool, gardens with everything in bloom soon!
    Enjoy your evening and the blessing you received showing your home to a former resident.
    I’m keeping track of my daily memories. They’re put in an old tomato looking bowl with a top. At the VA yesterday I met a family who was waiting for husband and Dad to get out of surgery. I told them about Patrick and asked for the name of Dad so I could pray for him. When he got out of surgery everyone left but his handicapped son who rolled over to me. We talked a bit then he said “let’s pray for Patrick and my Dad”. We did and it was wonderful.
    Blessings come in so many ways! Thanks for sharing yours!
    Love you

  2. Oh my gosh Cathi, how kind you were to this person at a time when it appears she needed someone to allow her a moment to drink in her past, whatever her reasons were. I hope she took solace in knowing there are good people living in the place she once called home.

  3. You house sounds so lovely! I love noticing the signs of Spring when I’m out and about.
    Thank you for being so kind to that woman. People are so hesitant of one another any more, it’s nice to know that openness to strangers is still alive and well in our country.No doubt you made her day much better ❤

  4. It was hot here yesterday! I think spring has sprung! Please pray for Patrick. His heart is hurting where the golf ball sized lymph node is located by his aorta and pulmonary arteries. We have appointment with thoracic surgeon for a consult the 24th but I want it earlier. Hoping and praying the biopsy can be done without nicking something. This is all so crazy! We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary soon and I want more anniversaries! I’m scared Cathy! Sorry to take up your great blog; it was the first thing I saw as I get in in my mail. Pray pray pray! 💜🙏🏻 I can’t imagine life without him. The biopsy will be a major surgery with a cardiac specialist on hand.

  5. Oh, my heart! What a beautiful gift you and your husband gave this young woman! I grew up in a close-knit community, and even though I was an adult and living in my own space when my parents lost our home (due in large part to my late father’s Alzheimer’s), it still broke my heart. I’ve heard through the grapevine that I’m more than welcome to knock on the front door and visit, and I can’t describe to you how comforting it is. I’m sure she’ll remember your kindness for the rest of her life.

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