Beneath the Irises

I usually take each post I write and share it on my Facebook pages.  This one I will not as I have already posted a picture and most of my friends know what this post will be about.

Beneath the irises, under the dirt, wrapped in a blanket with a favorite toy lies our dear puppy.    I knew I would write this post and it is one that I have dreaded.

In July of 2015 our puppy got sick.  He was so ill that we had to carry him inside and out.  We had just moved and hadn’t decided on a veterinarian.  I went online, looking up local animal hospitals, reading reviews and hoping I would find the right one.  We did.  We took our puppy in, fearing the worst.  They admitted him and gave us the diagnosis.  The vet looked at us upon his discharge and said, “I wish I could give you good news.  But, he could live for the next two hours, two days, two weeks, two months or two years.”  With that, we brought him home determined to love him however long we had.

Two hours passed, as did the weeks and the months.  Each day we woke up and listened to see if he stirred.  His hearing left him.  He could not hear us talking to him, but, that did not stop us from talking to him.

Eventually his eyesight started to go.  His balance was bad.  But, still he clung to us and to his life.

I said good-bye to him several times this past year.  Each time believing that he would be gone when I saw him again.  Each morning he greeted us with a slight wag of his tail and his precious face.

Last week he was struggling.  He would fall down the steps going outside.  He would fall up the steps trying to get back inside.  We knew it was time and yet it was still a struggle for us.

We made the decision last Friday that we would take him to the vet for his last visit.  Hubby walked him around outside and I went in to check him in and to do what needed to be done.   It was a very hard thing to do, but, he was ready.

We went into the examining room with a vet and tech that were so very kind.  Hubby and I stayed with our Shugo.  We did not want him to be alone.  We petted him and talked with him and thanked him for being our buddy.  They started the injection and he relaxed.  The anesthesia took effect.  The vet had to take the needle out as he discovered our poor buddy’s veins were too fragile.  They moved to another sturdier vein and continued.  We cried and petted him as he fell asleep.

We brought him home, wrapped him in his favorite blanket and put his favorite toy with him.  Together, hubby and I buried him.  I planted irises and paperwhites above him.  It is Shugo’s garden, nestled by our gazebo in among the trees.    I miss him.  I always will.

So, rest easy my friend.  We were prepared for this day and you gave us sixteen more months than what we thought we would have.  We could see you deteriorate and still you were a faithful friend.  Thank you for those extra months, I needed them.

You are now pain-free and able to hear and see and run wild.  Enjoy.

 Cathi (DAF)


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13 thoughts on “Beneath the Irises

  1. I’m so sorry about Shugo. You made me cry while reading this post! So sweet to wrap him up and bury him in his yard where lilies will grow. I remember Shugo; it was the night I met you and Dale. I’m so glad I met him. Such a sweet sweet dog.
    RIP Shugo. Your love remains with your Mom & Dad who loved you so very much.

  2. I think I will after my MRI,EKG, Chest X-ray and tons of blood work. I’m getting this stupid stump of a tonsil out 12/1. I’m pretty sure my infected tonsil, with tonsil stones, caused my lung infection and all of my chronic sore throats the past year. Off to shower…..I definitely will start writing. Love you!

  3. Oh Cathi, this is one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Our beloved fur babies bring such joy & unconditional love to our lives, making it so difficult to say goodbye. Clearly your Shugo was dearly loved!

  4. Lynn, it was very hard, but, once we found out his veins were not good, it was confirmation to us that we made the right decision, but, it still is very, hard. Thank you for the comment. ❤

  5. His middle name was Thomas too??? That’s weird.
    As I’m playing with Lilly, I’m thinking of your Shugo. Lynn Is right ……our fur babies give us unconditional love. So sorry Cathi and Dale. I hope Shugo met up with my Suz and are having the time of their lives.
    Happy Thanksgiving. We’re headed to Wickenburg today thru tomorrow.
    Blessings and love!!

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