It’s only the beginning of August, I know.  But, somehow, during this past week there has been a change.

As I sit and look out to our screen porch, I notice the shadows.  The room is not filled with sunlight like it was just a week ago.  This morning, it is filled with lazy shadows.  The sun has cast its light on the trees and bushes around the house and it filters long and lazy shadows on the screen.  When I went out earlier, it was warm and humid, but not like it was.  There is that ever faint, ever timid feeling that fall is coming soon.

I know school is about to start and families are stocking up on school supplies and clothes, but summer is hanging on, trying to get the last few weeks of swimming and gardening and weeding and sweating out of us.

I love days like this, where you still want to put on a swimsuit, but are also tempted to find a cozy corner and sip something with winter spices in it.  I love when the Lord  gives you a suggestion of the next season all the while keeping it the current one.  It’s a day of smiles at how seasons pass.

Me?  On this glorious day that hints of fall and feels like summer?  I am sitting with my jeans on sipping a wonderful iced coffee.   Hope you enjoy your weekend.  I think I will.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF (Cathi)


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10 thoughts on “Shadows…

  1. Jeans ????????? What are those ? I remember something like them, I bet those are those blue things in my closet that even give off heat when I touch them. Give me WINTER !

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  2. You perfectly described what I am feeling, too. Being tired of hot-hot-hot and humid, and just enjoying the transition into fall. Love it. Thanks for putting it into words.

  3. I found your blog while reading many by Navy wives. My journey as one is just beginning and it is so lovely to read about your day to day life, you write beautifully!

  4. Feel the same as you do. We have noticed Fall in the air. We love Fal, l but want to totally enjoy the summer so that by March we aren’t desperately in need of sunshine. It seemed last year, we became tired of the cooler weather. Can’t complain though….we love the seasons. God bless!

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