When Your Body says, “Enough!”

I tend to push myself.  It’s a bad habit of mine that I tend to ignore too often.  But, the truth is, I feel if I can move a bit, then I should be able to accomplish the things I want to get done and I push myself to get busy.

The past year has been crazy, to say the least.  There is so much to do on my ‘to-do’ list that I really haven’t a clue as to where I want to begin.  Hubby and I have been busy clearing and cutting and dragging branches and we have had a ball working until it is dark outside.  We know things look different, but, the truth is, it is not so obvious to others.

I have weeded my favorite garden one and half times since January.  I was going to dive in between the busyness of last week, but, fortunately, rain came and I could not get outside.  I welcomed the rain for that reason.

Last week we had some wonderful company and that was a welcome respite for us, but once they left, our lives were overtaken by appointments and travel to the appointments.

By Saturday, hubby figured out that we had traveled 428 miles for three doctor’s appointments.  Saturday evening we went with a group of friends to dinner and dessert, traveling once more.

Saturday night I came home, exhausted.  I knew I had eaten something that did not agree with me as I started feeling itchy and congested.  Hives appeared and this was the beginning that my body was telling me enough!

So, today I have not done much.  I did some laundry and straightened up my kitchen and most of the day I was on Facebook.  I walked out to the mailbox and looked at what was waiting for us.  For a slight moment I considered getting busy, but soon lost that thought.

Yes, sometimes our bodies say, Enough!.  We need to listen when that happens, because sometimes the best days are spent on the couch doing nothing.  I even stopped long enough to write!  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you, DAF (Cathi)


2 thoughts on “When Your Body says, “Enough!”

  1. Some of our post operative patients will call upset that their foot is swelling. I always ask “what have you been up to?” and the list goes on and on. My response: “Oooo that swelling is just your body saying sit on the couch and enjoy some down time and you better listen.”
    Glad you finally got the message!!

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