On Meeting Della…

Tonight the church we attend started a revival.  In Southern CA we would say a special speaker would be visiting for three nights, here, it is called a revival.

Hubby and I went and the preaching was incredible.  I was in tears and could feel the presence of God in everything that was said, sung and prayed.  I look forward to the next two nights.

The service started at 7 p.m..  I was there a few minutes early and was talking with some of the women I hadn’t had a chance to talk with this morning.  As I visited with friends, I saw several other people stream in.  Most of the others were visitors and faces I did not recognize.

I greeted a few of the people, welcomed them and told them I was glad they were there.  It was all cordial and nice.

Right behind me two women started into the row.  One older with a walker and a younger woman.  The woman with the walker was struggling to get to the center of the row.  I turned and asked if I could move some chairs for her.   She admitted that she usually sat on the end.  I pointed to the seats next to me and told her that I did not think that they were going to be used, but, by that point, it seemed a bit futile for me to mention it.

I introduced myself to the woman, I forget the younger woman’s name now, but the older said her name was Della.  I remarked that my husband had an aunt Della and that I really liked the name.  We talked about her name, smiled and the service started.

Now, that would have been enough for me to think of this as an interesting meeting.  You don’t often meet Della’s in this world.  After the singing part of the service, we were encouraged to greet one another and give a hug if you felt like it.  I hugged a couple of people right next to me and walked to the row behind me.  Della was trying to stand up to give me a hug, apologizing for not being able to get around easily.  I sat down beside her and reached over to give her a gentle hug, after all, she was a bit older and using a walker.  She threw her arms around me and gave me the longest and neatest hug I have had in a very long while.  I almost cried being hugged, it was full of caring and love.  I thanked her for the hug and told her she gave good hugs.  She said that she believed in giving a good hug to other people.

Throughout the service I continued to think about that hug.  Afterward, I went back to her and thanked her again.  What I told her is this:  There are times in this world that you meet people by chance.   Some of those people touch your heart so completely that you never forget them.  I told her that I would never forget her or her hug as it felt like God had wrapped His arms around me and touched my heart.  I told her I would remember her and her hug for the rest of my life.  She is the second person who has touched my life like this.  The first was several years ago at a fundraiser.  I wrote a post about her in 2014  titled, Hands.  I never thought I would meet another stranger who would completely capture a part of my heart.

I know that revivals are a time when you draw closer to the Lord.  I have prayed often in my life for revival.  I still pray for revival for this country.  Tonight, during a powerful sermon that ministered and blessed me, God used an older woman to touch my heart.  I don’t know if I will ever see her again, but, to me, tonight, she was my ministering angel, sent to let me feel a touch from the Creator of our world.  I am blessed and thankful for hugs that mean something.

 Hebrews 13:2King James Version (KJV)

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Thanks for stopping by tonight, DAF


2 thoughts on “On Meeting Della…

  1. Thanks for sharing a neat blessing. You are so cool! Ruthie

    On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 10:49 PM, dearanonymousfriend wrote:

    > dearanonymousfriend posted: “Tonight the church we attend started a > revival. In Southern CA we would say a special speaker would be visiting > for three nights, here, it is called a revival. Hubby and I went and the > preaching was incredible. I was in tears and could feel the presenc” >

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