Garden Discoveries…

On the side of our pool is a garden.  I was thrilled when I saw it when we first saw our house and it was thrilling to see what flowers appeared during this past year.

We could see day lilies,  star-gazer lilies,  irises, rose of sharon, and many shrubs that were blocking most of the garden.

I decided in January to clear out the garden so I could see what was there.  I started on one end and cut away and cut back starting from the outside and working in toward the pool.  I didn’t know what to expect and it has taken me until now to be almost completed with the task.

I have taken sections a little at a time, and then have waited in between working on the garden.  The first part, I really did not see much, just a bunch of saplings that had blown in with the wind.  It looked overwhelming to me and I came back in the house, discouraged.

The second foray into the garden gave me a surprise.  There, among the trees and shrubs was a spindly rose-bush.  It was taller than me.  I didn’t recognize it as a rose bush, but on closer inspection found the leaves still clinging on, dead, and I smiled.  I love roses.  This poor rose plant had not had any care for it.  I cut it back and have watched it start to become a healthier plant.  The spring leaves are appearing on it now and I am excited to see what type of rose it is.

This evening, as I came to the last section of the garden, I warily looked at a tree with branches at least a half-inch thick.  I walked over to it, resigning myself to using energy to cut it back.  This bush has bothered me for weeks and I knew I had to deal with it finally.  So, determined, I walked to the bush, clippers in my right hand ( I am right-handed), and with my left, I grabbed a branch.  I meant business…  To my surprise the branch in my left hand snapped at the base and I was holding a whole branch.  I dropped my clippers and started to grab at each branch.  Each branch was hollow.  Each branch broke off in my hands.  I was a bit relieved, and stunned at the same time.  This full, healthy looking bush was in fact, devoid of life.

This got me thinking.  How many of us at different times in our lives look whole, healthy and together on the outside, but, on the inside we are hollow and empty?   This got me thinking that I need to look beyond the outside and listen to see what is inside.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


4 thoughts on “Garden Discoveries…

  1. I love this Cathi! The rose bush sounds like such a pleasant surprise, with a dash of mystery. Many times I have put on a smile to hide my breaking heart, so I can relate to that tree…unfortunately. Goos read.

  2. Well done Cathi and very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to write this. You are a very good writer! Good luck with the garden. I loved your final thought.

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