Baby Yawns…

Our daughter and granddaughter are still with us.  They have narrowed down the house and an offer is about to be put in, but, Little Miss and her mom are with us until it closes.

It has been a fun visit and I have been busy chasing and catching Little Miss.  When she first got here, her steps were a bit wobbly.  Now she is running.  Fast.  Very fast.  Giggling while she runs.  It is wonderful.

I have loved being with her.  Getting to see her personality develop.  Hear her language skills develop.  Most of all, I love hearing her laughter.  She is full of life and fun to be with.

She is just now waking up from her nap.  She comes over to see what I am doing on my laptop.  I panic for just a moment as her favorite past time is pushing the buttons on my computer.  I am rushing to finish this thought.

Life has been hectic.  There are times when my daughter and I look at each other in dismay that it is only 5 p.m. and not 11 p.m. that we feel like it is.

All of this is so worthwhile.  I say this especially, because just a few minutes ago I watched Little Miss stretch out on Mommy’s lap and give a big yawn as she finally woke up.  Baby yawns are the very best.    Thanks for stopping by.   DAF



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