41 and counting…

41 years ago tonight I was packing my bags and boxes getting ready to move.  It was a big move as I was leaving my childhood behind.  I looked in the closet and looked at some of the things flung onto the floor and decided that what was left was left.

41 years ago I was filled with excitement and anticipation and had no concept of what was ahead of me.

41 years ago tomorrow I woke up to a blizzard and snow falling all over.   I curled my hair, put on my make up, put on my dress and it was time to pose for pictures.  I left the apartment with the bags all packed and went to the church with my dad and my sisters.   It was time for my wedding.

People were late getting to our wedding, the snow and the roads were relentless.  People arrived in hunting clothes, not having time to change from long drives to the church.  Slush covered the aisle that the runner only covered half of.

Afterwards, my best friend’s father stood outside the church tossing a snowball waiting for hubby and I to leave  the church after pictures.  Yes, we had snowballs thrown at us instead of rice or birdseed.

The parking lot for our reception did not get plowed and cleared in time for our arrival.  We slid into a parking space and I hiked up my gown and tromped through knee deep snow.  I entered the hall and slid a few feet before being caught by my aunt.  Behind us, snowballs were being thrown.

Our reception band had three accidents on the way to the reception, and they trudged in during the meal bringing in snow drifts and excitement that they had finally made it.

We danced and ate and had some cake and left, driving north for the evening.

Yes, 41 years ago I was filled with anticipation.  I thought my love story was unfolding and it would be like the romantic comedies and love stories I watched on the big screen.

41 years later my love story has unfolded.  It’s not been a romantic comedy.  At times it is more tragedy and tears than laughter and joy.   But, it’s been my love story and I have lived it.  There have been bouquets of roses, and fancy dinners, and sparkling jewelry, and romantic trips.  But, there has also been silence and tears and angry words that cannot be taken back.  There have been years that we were oceans apart several times.

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes.  Today my love story was my hubby making certain I was warm enough on a cold evening.  Lighting a fire to warm me up and watching an old movie that we have both seen so often we knew the lines before the actors spoke them.

I am certain had I know then what I know now I may not have been so filled with anticipation on that snowy day.  But, I am grateful for the past 41 years I’ve had with my hubby.      DAF….


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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