The Unexpected Year…

Happy 2016!  I am blowing the dust off my blog and writing.  Last week I read my year review of my blog…. it was abysmal to say the least.  I started strong and just faded into the sunset.

A year ago as I put away the Christmas decorations I wondered where I would be this year.  Hubby and I talked about the possibility of being somewhere new, in our own home.  We then laughed and said, “Nah, we will be here still.”

We were wrong.

Last February, on my birthday we received a life changing phone call.  It was from our Realtor.  He told us to get up to the upstate of South Carolina, for he thought he had found ‘our’ house.  We came up, not expecting it to be ‘the’ house.

Again, we were wrong.

The house was perfect for us.  A 15 year old home, that will need work as everything is original to the house.  The next five years will find us replacing and repairing things.  But, the house is perfect for us.  We are so very grateful to be here.

Before we moved, we prayed and felt like this house would be a place of rest and restoration for people.  We felt like we were told to expect our house to be filled with guests.  We figured we would have a couple of people visit for a few days.

Guess what?  Wrong again.

I figured it out one day about a month ago.  The first six months of living here and we had three and a half months of company. Since then, we have had company for another 10 days.

Each person who comes here says the same thing.  This place is so peaceful.    It is.  It is our little haven.  I open the curtains in the morning and thank God for His blessings on us.  Yes, we need to paint and replace the carpet and rake a ton of leaves, but, it is our place to rest.

I have missed writing.  It is the place where I actually sit still long enough to reflect on life.  That is a good thing.  I have missed my blogging friends.  I am sorry to those whom I usually read, that I have not read and encouraged and laughed along with you all.  I promise to do better.

Life sometimes takes over.  It is like a bulldozer and you are swept up in the busyness that can envelop us.  I can hide in the busyness.  It is easy for me to do so.  I can make excuses why I do that  and think that I am right.

No, I am wrong.

We need one another.  We need to encourage and support one another.  This blogging intertwines lives.  We get glimpses into each other’s thoughts and wishes and dreams.  We laugh at experiences we have.  We cry with sorrows shared.  I think that I can write or not write and it makes no difference to anyone.

I hope I am wrong.

So, here is my first post of the year.  In thinking of my blog this coming year, I am hoping to be more consistent in writing and reading.  I await the unexpected this year, for that is where we have adventure and experiences that give us things to write about.

Thanks for stopping by.   DAF

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