Did you ever have one of those days?  Those ugly, awful days?  I am not talking about things going wrong around you, I am talking being so ugly yourself that you don’t even want to be you?

Yesterday I was meaner than cat dirt…  There is no other way to describe it.  I wanted to argue and fuss and fight with anyone and anything that was in front of me.  It (and by it, I mean me) was not pretty.

Poor hubby, he tried valiantly to get out-of-the-way, but, he was a moving target.  Bang! Boom! Blam!  Poor man.  Good thing he is a good man for today he woke up and there were no light leaks in him.  If he wasn’t so kind he should have locked me in a closet.

In spite of my bad mood, we did yard work.  The projects I helped him on (he did most of the work) look beautiful.  They add some grace and curb appeal to our driveway.

While helping him, I decided our mailbox needed brightening up.  We went to get more mulch and while at the store, I picked up some annuals.  I planted them and was grumpy the entire time I worked.  I fussed and fumed and snapped.  The wasps and yellow jackets had nothing over me, my sting was worse than theirs!

So, the ugly day ended and this morning, having awoken on the right side of the bed, I took my cup of coffee and went out to look at yesterday’s work.  Hubby’s still looked wonderful.  I walked to the mailbox and looked down.  The flowers and plants look like they are enjoying their new place, but, I noticed that I did not get all the weeds up from part of the area.

Yes, yesterday I was ugly, and my eyes were bothering me and felt cloudy.  Today, as I looked at what I had done, I felt like I was learning a needed lesson.  Dwelling on my frustration and anger can cloud the presence of weeds that are in my life.  I can live and thrive, but my beauty and surroundings are more spectacular when I get rid of the weeds.

I guess sometimes we have days like yesterday so we can learn in days like today.   Thanks for stopping by… DAF


2 thoughts on “Ugly…

  1. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do also, isn’t it? I haven’t been like that in a loooooong time, hope it’s a loooong time until I see that side of me again. Glad to know I am not alone… thanks, Life!

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