The White Windswept Home…

We live in a rural area in the upstate part of South Carolina.  We love it here.  We drive into town and pass pastoral scenes most people only see in pictures.

Heading into town there is the small neighborhood store that boasts of having the best hot dogs, hamburgers and bar-b-que around…. well, that’s because they are the ONLY hot dogs, burgers and bar-b-que around!  But, the store does a booming business and has a gas station there to boot.

The next thing I notice driving towards town is the home that hung two flags proudly around the fourth of July.  An American flag and right below it, bold and new is a Confederate flag.  For some reason, when I saw this, I started laughing aloud.  With all the controversy about the latter flag, I thought how wonderful it is that I live in a country that people can have a freedom to do this.  I thanked the Lord for such freedoms.

There are houses, some grand, some very humble.  There are farms with large fields of hay in bales.  There are cows, black ones, brown ones and spotted ones.  Calves play in and around the cows.  There are a few horse farms on the way into town also.  The horses have stood in shaded areas munching on the grasses in the fields.  Another farm pasture is tended to by goats.  Not just a couple of goats, but dozens of them.  They jump and play and busily munch the grass.

The closer you get to town the more familiar things you see, grocery stores, coffee shops, business offices, shopping centers and of course the Wal-Mart and Starbucks.  No town in complete without at least a dozen of these two places.

What gets to hubby and I most of the time is the white windswept house that sits in the middle of a field.  It looks old to me, new to hubby.  He thinks it was started to be built and just left.  I think it may have been an older home, left idle when a family moved on.

We ponder the story of the house each time we drive to and from town.  It sits there, in the middle of large open space.  It keeps its history and story to itself and we think of new story-lines for it.  Someday, maybe, I will find out from a local how old the house is.  I am certain sometime I will find out the story behind it.  That will answer questions for certain, but, for now, we like the mystery that surrounds it for us.

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5 thoughts on “The White Windswept Home…

  1. Your area sounds very similar to ours. We now have cows and horses where the were once only sugar cane fields. I love the rural life (even if you have to travel to get a great burger) 😉

  2. we are so happy out here, love being here. We just have lots of wooded areas, and farm lands… we are still trying to get it into shape after having it left alone and untended for a year or so… Lots of work, but fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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