Sometimes I wonder about myself….

Yesterday while sorting through some boxes, I felt my back rebel.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and sat down.  Today, I was still.  I watched movies for most of the day and had a quiet day.  After watching the last movie, I decided to go online.

This is where I start to wonder about myself.  I went to Facebook and started to answer some messages I had and looked at what people have posted.

The messages were fine.  But… there is a post going around which is creeping me out.  It is the post of the tick nest.  It’s gross.  This is where I should have stopped, but, no, I didn’t.  This is where I begin to wonder about myself.  I thought, we are moving to a rural area.  I bet that area is filled with ticks.

A normal person would just be creeped out and research bug killers.  Not me… no….  I searched tick nests.  Again, I should have stopped there.    I was curious as to what they looked like so that I could see them and take care of them before they got to me.

Warning to everyone reading this…. DO NOT LOOK AT PICTURES OF TICK NESTS!!!   I have never been so grossed out.  I felt like I was crawling with them.  Eww!

So, as I was showering trying to make myself feel normal, I decided to warn anyone who reads this.  Do yourself a favor and learn from someone who should have known better.   The images cannot be erased from your mind.

I knew there was a reason why I like cold weather…  those things don’t survive the cold.

Thanks for stopping by today, I think I need to go spray something….  DAF


8 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder about myself….

  1. Believe me I promise I will not go look. I had to have a Lyme disease blood test this afternoon. I pray this is not part of the problem. One would think you would know if you had been bite, but evidently not. Thankfully I did not see that post – eww is right!

  2. especially being in PA…. they really have a problem with ticks there, Life. It really gave me the creeps and just thinking of it gives me the shivers…. I told hubby to order tick collars for all of us.. 😉

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