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A Walk on the Beach…

on February 9, 2015

This afternoon, hubby and I headed out to do some errands and after finishing them up, we headed to the beach.  No, not to sit and sun, but to walk, and blow the stink off.

We walk on the beach often, it is a place that relaxes hubby and he unwinds.  This leads to great conversations that somehow don’t happen other places.

The sky was overcast when we arrived and the tide was out, which is our favorite time to walk there.  The huge expanse of sand that is firmer is easier to walk along.  We walked for about a mile.  The wind was brisk and I found myself wishing I had brought some gloves with me.

As we walked along, we saw some cute dogs with their owners.  They would bound over and we would love on them.  In the distance we saw a couple walking a puppy.  As we got a bit closer we realized it was a Shiba Inu, which is what we have.  The puppy was off leash and started to run towards us.  Of course, we encouraged him to keep running to us.  He arrived in a flurry of excitement, tail wagging, tongue lapping and jumping and nipping.  He was precious.  The couple rushed over, apologizing as they came.  Then they realized that we were loving our time with the puppy.  We looked up and told them what a beautiful shiba they had.  Immediately, we were friends.  They asked us so many questions about the breed and we talked for several minutes.  I should clarify, they talked with my hubby, me?  Well, I was too busy playing with the puppy.  I had forgotten how playful Shibas are when they are puppies.  I forgot how furry and soft and fun they are.  Our poor old pup is past the playful stage.  He sleeps most of the day and sometimes it is a chore to walk to the door to go on his walk.

On the way home I kept thinking of the puppy.  I also started thinking of how we are when we age. We don’t feel any different, but, we do start to move just a bit slower.  We don’t play as much as we used to.

We arrived home.  Came in, dropped the mail on the table and our dog came trotting out to meet us.  I looked down just as he dropped into his playful pose.  Nah, he isn’t as old as I think he is…

As I think about it now, there’s still some puppy in both of us.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


14 responses to “A Walk on the Beach…

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day! Love the concept of the puppy… Totally agree!

  2. Coming East says:

    This made me smile and chuckle. Glad the puppy is still in each of us. I’ve never heard of that breed, by the way. I’ll have to look it up. Hate to end with anything painful, but did you happen to catch the UCONN-South Carolina game last night?

  3. No, we didn’t watch the game, I love basketball, but somehow cannot watch it on t.v. , I know strange…. From your comment, you had a victory dance?

  4. thanks for the comment, Suzie, it blesses me when you stop by and comment. I am so glad you liked the post.

  5. Feeding our inner puppy should be obligatory. 🙂

  6. DJ Mynatt says:

    We would love to live close enough to the beach to take daily… or even occasional… walks. But that’s what we do on vacation – get up in time to enjoy the sunrise, then walk on the beach while it’s quiet. And we’re always thankful for it…

  7. We have lived by a beach all our married life. We don’t walk as much on the beach as we could, Donna, but when we do, it is always a relaxing time.

  8. I’m all for Puppy Power!
    The beach has a way of bringing out the best in all of us..nature is powerful in so many ways.

  9. Well said, Life! I agree.

  10. I love running into Shibas! They really are special pups.

  11. they really are. Mine is older and he is wheezing away, just over did it, I think. I love my shiba, thanks for stopping by jillian.

  12. Aww, poor thing! I have a nine year old and a puppy that is five months. The puppy wears out the older dog so fast! I think that over doing it is good for them 🙂

  13. I think so too. They all keep the puppy in them, I think.

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