On Aging…

Growing older does not bother me.  It really doesn’t.  At least, I don’t think it does…

When I was little, I could not wait until I turned 11.  I would be 11 on the 11th.  I was so excited for that day, that I actually peeked at my presents.  We were not a wealthy family and presents for birthdays were not that exciting, mostly what was needed.  But, that year, there were presents and I knew where they were hidden and wrapped.  I peeked and discovered a white ivy league shirt.  Exactly what I wanted.  Ivy league shirts were the button down shirts and I knew it would look so cool with my blue and gray plaid uniform skirt.  That was the year I also discovered it isn’t fun to peek, it takes the joy out of birthday surprises.

My next age I thought would be exciting was 17.  I was dating hubby and I was excited to see what he would buy me.  A cultured pearl necklace.  Of course, his Mom had picked it out, but, I loved it.

After that, I could not wait until my 35th birthday.  That was the age I knew I would be all that I was meant to be.  It would be the ultimate of ultimate birthdays.  I can’t remember a thing about that day.  I know that year I had my hysterectomy and I always say it was the best year of my life, but aside from the surgery and feeling better, it was not a wonderful time of my life.

Hubby’s birthday is in November.  Mine is in February.  We are the same age.  But… each year I remind him that he is a certain age and I won’t be that old until next year.  It’s a running joke, and I am certain he tires of hearing it.  Me?  I never tire of reminding him.

Last year, Hubby turned 60.  It wasn’t a stellar day, as we were driving home from the birth of Little Miss. We drove from El Paso, TX to Abilene, TX that day.  It was a long day, I was sneezing with a cold and the hotel was not exactly what it appeared to be from the online site I booked it.  But, we did have a saving grace for his 60th birthday dinner.  We went to a steakhouse and had a delicious dinner.  A dinner that will be remembered for the rest of our lives.

So, now the 11th is approaching.  I am going to turn 60.  I am amazed that I am that old.  I don’t feel that old.  60 is for old, old people.  At least that is what I have always believed.  Guess I was wrong.  I would love to do something really fun next week.  If we still lived in CA, I know I would head to Disneyland since we are the same age.  For the past couple of decades I have tried to make it to Disneyland so we could celebrate together.   But, alas, there will be no trek to Anaheim for me this year.  So, I am up for suggestions.  What would be a fun way to celebrate this many years?  Within reason of course….   I look forward to hearing from you!  DAF

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11 thoughts on “On Aging…

  1. When I turned 60 it was great ! No fan fare, no party, probably no gifts since Dave & I don’t exchange gifts we just buy what we need of want when we want to. But I did smile, think 60…… WOW & I am healthy, happy & I have so very very much to be thankful for. Some people are not lucky enough to be 60, some are sick, tired,alone, or other horrible things are happening to them that I don’t want to think about…..and 3 years later I still think WOW….thank you God for everything I have & for being here to be 63!

  2. I already have had fanfare, Dottie! There are two boxes filled with loving gestures from my sisters… I am already enjoying the day! I think, in our family 60 is incredible!! Love you.

  3. Hmm, I think 60 creative gifts spread out through the month of February. On the last day of February, a full spa day (including lunch). How bout that?!

  4. Loved hearing about the banter between your husband and you concerning your slight age difference. George and I are eleven months apart. We were born in the same year, but one of us was born in January, the other in December. So we are the same age for only one month. Guess who’s older. Groan…

    I loved turning sixty, actually. George bought me the camera I wanted and we spent a lovely weekend in Williamsburg. It was very cold, but the holiday decorations were still up and it was beautiful. Wish you could have gone to Disneyland like you wanted. What about Disney World?

  5. Although Disney World is wonderful and close, Disneyland opened in 1955, the year I was born, that is the affinity I have for it, and thus being the same age. It was fun while it lasted, just living down the road a couple hours away, it wasn’t much a chore to get there. For my 55th birthday I went alone to Disneyland, drove up, spent the day and was back home in time to meet friends for dinner. I know I will have a great day next week, I keep telling hubby that he will pay me back by putting me in a car and driving around all day long, just so we can have the same experience on our 60th! Thanks for stopping by Coming east! ❤

  6. I don’t really have any suggestions, except to spend it with the ones you love. My birthday is the last day of April… 2 years from now I’m hoping to celebrate my 60th! Congratulations!

  7. I think birthdays on the dates that match are fun, don’t you Kari Ann? Of course, you are sort of confined to what to have for your birthday dinner on those years, aren’t you?

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