Accepting a challenge…

When I started blogging I found a blog that I loved to read.  The blogger and I chatted back and forth often and hers was the first blog I would read each day.

About a year ago her blog didn’t seem in my reader.  At first I thought she was taking a day or two off.  Soon, I realized other blogs were taking that first place position.  Any posts of hers were absent.

Six months ago, I realized how much I missed her words.  She has a way to write humor and life.  Reading her work  to me, is like sitting in her living room watching her life unfold.  She is easy and comfortable and real.

A couple of weeks ago, on my reader was a post from her.  I was thrilled.  I commented and she commented back.  We talked about how it is sometimes hard to be consistent in writing.  I suggested we challenge one another to write at least twice a week.  Easy, right?

Well, for her,it is.  She was faithful and consistent and up to the task.  I have written once since I dropped the challenge.  Two days ago while checking my email, I thought of the challenge and chided myself for not writing.  As I was going through my inbox I spotted a name that I was not familiar with.  I looked at the subject line and started to laugh.  The subject?  “Come On, DAF!”   I replied and confessed that I was at least thinking of writing.

This week, as usual, has flown by.  Tonight while checking my email, there was a reminder for me.  A gentle nudge.  Something to refresh my memory that tomorrow is Friday and I have yet to write, while, she has written twice.

So, now my dear blogging friend, here is a post to you.  You have encouraged me many times, you have made me smile, laugh, cry and sigh.  When your words have an effect on someone like this, you have done well.  I appreciate your support and now, after issuing this challenge, I will to the best of my writing ability accept this challenge.

Welcome back to blogging after such a long break, you have been missed.  For those who would like to read some refreshing work, stop by Coming East, you will be glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF

Published by marycatherinethomas

M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “Accepting a challenge…

  1. Dear Friend, I was fearful your post was going to be along the same lines as mine, but thankfully it’s not. Check back in an hour or so for my post…

  2. Wow! That was so sweet of you! Only I think it is you who encourages me. Looking forward to next week’s posts from you. They can be short, you know.

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