The Progression of Decorating a Front Porch…

Hubby and I are late getting Christmas decorating done.  I had started a bit last week.  I put our dog’s bow tie (red) on his collar.  He is now ready for Christmas.  He looks dapper.

I went outside and decorated our mailbox.  It looks pretty good.  Except for the fire ant mound at the base of the post.  (Fire ants beware! We are planning your demise).  I put up a little garland on the bannister on the porch.  It looked bare and ugly.  I gave up, came inside and sat to ponder what to do next.

Skip  to today.  Well, actually to the beginning of the week when hubby purchased lighted garland for the front porch.  The boxes have sat in our dining room waiting to be unpacked, unfurled and hung.  This afternoon, around 2:30 p.m., I went outside, took down the ugly garland, brought it inside and declared that I was going to start to decorate the porch.

I announced to hubby that I was going to trim a couple of branches of a bush that is near the porch.  Hubby jumped up and declared that he had wanted to trim all the bushes first and off he went to get his electric trimmer.  While he was setting up, I decided to clean the banister and posts.

Hubby came out, he was not happy.  His electric cords were missing.  Evidently they decided they liked Flagstaff, AZ and stayed at the campground, and we did not notice their absence until today when we needed them.

So, off to the hardware store we went.  I didn’t really have to go, but I wanted to look at any other decorations that needed to be bought.  An hour later, we returned.  I finished cleaning and hubby set to work on the bushes.

I went to help with the branches and then picked up the rake to rake up the debris.  This is where we took a big detour in the decorating department.  The simple act of raking up the branches turned into the major job of raking most of our yard, the front and side yards.  We bagged leaves, we raked leaves, we carried leaves, we pruned dead branches off our trees.  We worked while we watched the beautiful sunset and moonrise.

We walked the dog, and then I came in, shower and collapsed.  On the way through the house we saw the boxes of the lighted garland, still waiting to be unpacked and unfurled and hung.   The porch is empty of lights, but the yard certainly looks a lot better!

I’m tired and sore, thanks for stopping by though, DAF


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9 thoughts on “The Progression of Decorating a Front Porch…

  1. Mercy! Boy, you really make decorating an exhausting experience! I’m tired just thinking about your efforts.

    But once you’re done – we need pictures… lots of pictures!

  2. Banished ants and a clean yard = progress! Sometimes it’s just good to revise your “should” schedule … the rest will no doubt happen. X

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