When I had my first child, we didn’t have much to spend in the way of nursery items.  We bought a crib on the base and someone gave us an old changing table that only lasted until we moved back to the states where some friends bought us a new one.

The nursery  was part of the dining room, with the room dividers being the china hutch right beside the changing table.  The crib was up against one wall and the dining room table against the other.

I made a wall hanging above the crib out of burlap and then for the door of the pantry, which was half pantry, half baby closet, I wrote out lyrics to a song I had heard by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

I had long forgotten about the song until I was holding Little Miss one day while we were there.  I was looking at her and thinking about her and her life.  I had prayed over her, but it didn’t seem like enough to do.  Suddenly the words to this song came to mind.

So, today, I would like to share the words to this song on this blog.  They are lovely words that speak how I have really prayed for my daughters, their spouses, and now for my grandchildren.

I wish a strong and good conclusion to my daughter’s lives and I wish each word for my Little Man and Little Miss.  Enjoy.

“I Wish You”
I wish you some springtime,
Some “bird on the wing” time
For blooming and sending out shoots;
I wish you some test time,
Some winter and rest time
For growing and putting down roots.
I wish you some summer,
For you’re a becomer,
With blue skies and flowers and dew;
For there is a reason
God sends ev’ry season:
He’s planted His image in you.

I wish you some laughter,
Some “happy thereafter”
To give you a frame for your dreams;
But I wish you some sorrow,
Some rainy tomorrows,
Some clouds with some sun in between.
I wish you some crosses,
I wish you some losses,
For only in losing you win.
I wish you some growing,
I wish you some knowing,
There’s always a place to begin.

We’d like to collect you
And shield and protect you
And save you from hurts if we could;
But we must let you grow tall
To learn and to know all
That God has in mind for your good.
We never could own you,
For God only loaned you
To widen our world and our hearts.
So we wish you His freedom,
Knowing where He is leading;
There is nothing can tear us apart.

Lyrics by Gloria Gaither / Music by Bill Gaither / Copyright © 1977

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6 thoughts on “Wishes…

  1. Beautiful, beautiful words… I can’t remember if I’ve heard the song, but now I’m going to look for it.

    What a wonderful way to begin my day… thanks, dear (a) friend.
    Blessings to you!

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