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We all have issues

on October 12, 2014

This is my niece. I have written some posts about her and I encourage you to stop by and visit her blog. You will be so thrilled to get to know her. Well done, Elizabeth, I love you. Your Aunt DAF

PDA: The Positive Disabled Adult

Sometimes going out in public when your physically disabled is such a pain!

Like most people, I usually spend part of my weekend running errands, shopping for things like toothpaste or milk and getting ready for the week ahead. No matter where I go, it always ends up that people stare at me for how I walk or  how I look. (and it is not because of my beauty) Over time, I’ve learned to just ignore the stares and attempt to smile while I walk away.  I love when people treat me differently because of my disabilities! Like just because I may speak slightly slower or have an unsteady gait, that obviously gives someone the right to speak down to me like I’m a 2 year old or cannot comprehend a complete sentence. (that was sarcasm) Some people are ridiculous and so rude!

I’ve come to realize though that everyone…

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