Hang On a little longer Larry….

Our driveway is surrounded by pine trees on one side.  Each year at this time the needles start to drop.  The squirrels, in preparation for winter take the pinecones and destroy them.  There are empty cones laying everywhere, on the driveway, in the yard and on the cars.

Each time we go somewhere we have to literally remove the pine debris from the windshield.  Today, I went to the store to pick up last-minute things for the dinner I was making.  I looked at my windshield and ignored it.  The traffic was heavy on the way to the store, so my speed wasn’t over 30 miles per hour.

I was almost to the store when I saw Larry.  At first I was startled, but then I just watched amazed.  There he was, climbing along my wiper blade, a tiny lizard braving the elements of a moving car.  He had been under the pine debris that had blown off the car.

I was fascinated to watch him climb from one side of the windshield to the other.  He would put his little head up and look around and his tiny feet would hold on for dear life.  As I entered the parking lot, I lost track of him.  A part of me was sad.  I hated the thought of him being squished in the parking lot.

I went into the store and felt bad for Larry the Lizard.

While putting my bags into my car I saw my little friend sunning himself on the front of the passenger side window.  I spoke to him and told him to hang on.  I watched him walk around the corner of the window while I went home.   I kept telling him to hang on.

He was lost on the way home.  He jumped off or blew off in a nicely wooded area.  I imagined what he would tell his new companions, I imagined the conversations and how he felt from his adventure.

By time I got home, I just realized my life really isn’t all that exciting.

Thanks for stopping by…  DAF


4 thoughts on “Hang On a little longer Larry….

  1. Dianne, yes, he was a cute little guy, I was afraid he would get smushed, but hopefully, he landed safely, or crawled under the windshield wipers to stay safe. I didn’t see him when I got home though.

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