Thank you Mr. White

Sitting here in our nation’s capital today, Memorial Day, I am reminded of the things that make our country great. I want to re-share this post from a few years ago with you. May today be filled with friends and family and lots of laughter and joy. Remember those who gave all for our country and thank those you may know who have served beside these fallen heroes. DAF


Having read a couple of posts about Memorial Day (which is this weekend), I began to think about this holiday and how it affects me.

Several weeks ago I was blessed reading a post about the Australian/New Zealand Memorial Day celebration.  I cried through the post and was thankful for those brave men who served their country so honorably. Thank you

I am married to a veteran of the military.  We served together for almost 21 years.  Actually, he was the one to deploy and do the difficult things, while my difficulty was in just keeping the home fires burning.  This is not what was brought to mind to me today as I thought about Memorial Day.

As a child our hometown would have Memorial Day services at a local cemetery.  There would be members of the VFW(Veterans of Foreign War) and veterans who were not members of this group.  There…

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