12 years ago….

A year ago I wrote this. Today, my thoughts were filled with my sister, her life and her encouragement. I wanted to share this one more time with you.


Earlier this evening I was on Facebook.  My sister posted a simple sentence that said,”How can 12 years seem like yesterday and a world ago at the same time?  A hand print on my heart…”

I read the post, looked at the date and realized why I had a phone call from her today.  I then derided myself because I had failed to remember and to ask how she was today.

12 years ago tomorrow, my dear brother-in-law, Frank passed away.  12 years ago tomorrow was Easter Sunday, tax day was delayed for 24 hours since it was a major holiday.

I received the phone call from my sister at around 9:30 ~10:30 p.m. pacific time.  The call was short, and the words were hard to hear.  My sister told me that her Frank had a very happy Easter and died peacefully in his favorite chair at 11:30 p.m., eastern time.  I…

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