Well, I have been at work for a little over a week.  I am getting into a schedule of getting to bed and getting up on time.  That is the easy part.

I had hoped for an adventure in working.  I should clarify that, a good adventure.  One where I would get to know new people, learn new computer programs and even feel positive about myself.

This week I have felt like I was trapped in the part of a fun house with doors.  Doors that open and lead right back to the same place you were originally.  That is fun and understandable when you do it a couple of times.  It can even be humorous.  When locked in a room where you go in circles and do nothing is maddening.

I would like to see this situation six weeks from now.  I would like to get a glimpse of it resolved and settled.  Just a glimpse, then I think I would have the stamina to continue to go through doors that only lead right back to where I was five minutes ago.

No, not much has changed.  Still no desk.  Still no chair.  I actually do have a key.  No phone though.  Had a phone for a day and then today I don’t.  I hear my computer is coming.  Open door.  Walk in circle.  Come back to door.

Yes, I am frustrated and a bit discouraged.  But, I will head to bed, hopefully sleep, and get up and try again tomorrow.   Maybe soon I will have clarity of thought so that I can think to write about something that is not a rant and complaint.  Until then, continue to pray and know I will be appreciative of you.  Thanks, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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