Everything is connected…

I know it has only been two days since I started my job.  I know the first few weeks are crazy at any new position.   I get that.  I understand that.


And you thought I wouldn’t find fault on the first week…

This is a brand new office.  Brand new as in never been set up before.  This is a branch office with corporate being in the Midwest.  So, here is my everything connection.

My own office is not set up, it is used as an overflow room while the conference room is being finished and the main office is being finished.  I have no desk.  I have no desk because the place where my desk is coming from and being completed has moved their locations and will not open until this Saturday.  So, no desk for at least another week.

But, that is okay because I don’t have a phone for that desk. One is coming to me, just like the key to the office is coming.

Corporate is supposed to send me an email to start my official training and background stuff.  I was supposed to have this by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.  No email yet.  It is after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, hopefully I will get something soon.

Since there is no email for me, I cannot begin my training.  Without my training I do not get my computer because I cannot use the computer until I get trained,  because of the nature of the business.

So, to review, I have no desk, no phone, no laptop, no sanity.

I really hope this improves soon.  I may need another 14 year weekend!  DAF


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8 thoughts on “Everything is connected…

  1. As much as I don’t want to laugh, I LOVED this post! You GO GIRL!! I’m sure you’ll keep a keen eye on this situation. Until then, bring a book and relax. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, there is NO relaxing in this position. I have been kept running all day long doing other things that could fall into my job description without the use of the above mentioned things.

  3. It’s times like this that I try to unearth my sense of humor, if I can find it; it’s got to be around here somewhere – in one of those boxes? Or in this corner? How about over across the hall? Praying for you today. 🙂

  4. Time for some assimilation. Getting to know your co-workers, running around like the proverbial, finding your bearings, watching and listening, getting a feel for it all. Enjoy. Once your ‘office’ arrives there’ll be no time to notice half of it in all likelihood. And if you can get blog posts out of it so much the better! 🙂 x

  5. I’m so happy you got a job. That’s great. The desk and phone will come…bask in the blessing you’ve been so waiting for. Linger there for a while….you’ve earned it. I’m very, very happy for you 🙂

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