And Day 1 is done…

I have chronic insomnia.  It’s a pain, literally.   I do everything I have read in articles.  I avoid foods, I avoid caffeine, I quiet myself down, I turn off my computer a half hour before bed.  I also do what brothers and sisters in the Lord have suggested.  I pray.  I thank God for everything I can think of, I quiet myself before the Lord.

Last night I went to bed before 11.  Very early for me.  I was determined to get a good night’s rest.  I had done everything on my lists.  I had my clothes ready for my first day at work this morning.  I had my dinner planned for this evening.  I had my lunch packed.  I had forgotten nothing.  I was just wanting to sleep.

So, off to bed I trot (well, at my age and weight, it’s more like plod).   I lay there  for a while.  A long while.  Hubby falls asleep immediately.  The dog is snoring.  The trains are loud and I think someone laid tracks through our back yard.  The stupid owl starts hooting.  I actually think the dog slipped out, opened the front door and invited the owl inside.    I still lay there.  At 4 a.m. hubby wakes up.  He has had his sleep for the night and is ready to go.  I growl.  Five a.m. and finally I doze off.  Six a.m. the alarms rings.

So, this is the start of my first day at my new job.  Not one that I had planned for.

I made it to work.  I managed to not doze off.  I took lots of notes.  I tried to remember everything I could.  Tomorrow is another day.  I just hope some sleep is involved between now and then.

Thanks for listening to me whine a bit today.  DAF


8 thoughts on “And Day 1 is done…

  1. I had shocking insomnia a few years back and I found it just went away when I gave up trying to go to sleep. I’d lie there for hours and turn over and get cranky with myself, but I realised that I just needed rest whether I slept or not. So I ended up just lying there and thinking about as many nice things as possible and trying to stay awake so I could keep thinking. Strangely enough I wouldn’t be tired in the morning because I’d think my body had the rest and my mind didn’t need it. After a few days I found I’d just go to sleep. Now, if I can’t sleep I just lie with my eyes open and try to stay awake and I end up going to sleep. I know it sounds weird, but it worked for me xxx

    Best of luck with the new job 😉

  2. I am starting to understand what this insomnia feels like now that I’m pregnant. I woke up four or five times last night and that’s not unusual for me anymore. Sometimes I have to go sleep in a different room so I don’t keep Darren awake with me.
    I hope you get a full, refreshing night of sleep tonight.
    I thought you might like to know that my cat “liked” this post. I was going to like it anyway but he was walking on the computer and did it for me ;]

  3. how cute! I am glad the cat enjoyed this. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, I hope you get some good rest, although, I know as the weeks go on it just gets your ready for the baby crying in the night, waking up, that is.

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