Little Man Lessons…

During my last visit with Little Man, I was able to document almost daily  a short lesson that I received from him.  He is a most excellent teacher, and continues to excel in teaching me new things.  This visit, as I have mentioned, went by too quickly.  Yes, I did learn much from my time with him, I just did not have the time to chronicle our daily lessons.

Today, I am going to give an over view of things learned.

1. Learn new things with enthusiasm.  Listen closely and study what is happening around you.  Pick up key words and make them part of your vocabulary.    Little Man watches everyone around him.  He may be playing with a toy or reading a book, but his little ears are wide open intently listening for something new for himself.   Soon he is mimicking a word, trying it out on his little tongue, repeating it until it is right.  Some of the new words and phrases he’s learning?  Probably, area, that one.  There were several others, at least one per hour, but this poor brain of mine cannot remember them all.  I am certain he remembers them all, though.

2. Get fresh air often, at least once a day, two or three times if you can convince the giants in your midst that it’s a good thing.  One of the first questions of the day was a very simple one word question, “Outside?”  If I said yes, then he would ask if it was ‘told’ out.  His cute little ‘c’ is delivered via a ‘t’ sound.  I hope that stays for a few more months, it is too cute!

3. Play until the last-minute.  Grab toys, books, stuffed animals and keep them with you until they are peeled out of your hands.

4. Sing a cute song if the toys disappear. 

5. Listen to Momma’s list and repeat it to her.  Follow her instructions.

This is just a short list of what I learned.  They are all valid lessons for me daily.  I need to increase learning new things in my life.  I may be old, but my brain still works.  It is good to discover new adventures.  To try new things and wrap my mind around  thoughts that are unfamiliar.  To stretch myself mentally.

Fresh air is invigorating.  It stirs the mind and the body.  It awakens you in a way that is unique.  Your senses stir when you are outside. The smells, the sounds, the sights and the feeling of the air on your face.  Seeing the outdoors as a place to thrive is a lesson I learn each time I visit Little Man.  He shows me things that I take for granted.  Each bump in the sidewalk is a new activity, not something that needs to be repaired, but a canyon to cross or bump through.  The outside is an exciting place to be!

I don’t make a plan to have fun.  My day is pretty much the same.  I am reminded that, as humans, we have the ability to play.  We can imagine, we can dance, we can twirl and swing our arms.  We can carry on conversations with toys, we can engage in life.  Life can be playful.  Our Lord did not create us to sit in man-made boxes with electronic devices attached to ourselves.  He made us to interact with His creation.  To play, to enjoy, to do this until the last possible waking moment.  It’s a good reminder to me.

I need to sing more.  Maybe not aloud… that would just be torture for anyone near by.  But, I need to have a song in my heart.  A song to hum, a song to sing.  Singing lifts my spirit.  It brings a smile to my face.  I sang and laughed with Little Man.  We made up words we made up songs.  I sang rhyming songs with his name, and we both laughed long and hard.

Follow the rules.  Make a plan, stick to it.  Order in my life is needed.  It settles me, calms me, gives me direction.

Yes, I learned much this past week.  Some was a refresher course, others were new lessons.  I am grateful for my Little Man.  I knew when he was born that I would learn from him.  I didn’t realize that each day spent with him would be lesson filled.  That is a gift that he keeps giving to me.    I hope someday, someway, I can return the favor to him.

Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


6 thoughts on “Little Man Lessons…

  1. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is a delight. He sounds adorable. And sometimes we need to be coerced by their enthusiasm to join in what we have forgotten to be fun. All of that sounds such an adventure in relearning. And some very valuable lessons in life revisited. x

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