Adventures with Little Man…

Last week was one of the fastest moving weeks in my life.  I knew the time would pass quickly, but I didn’t know it would pass at the speed of light.  I truly think I was cheated out of at least four of the days last week.  I know I must have gone from Monday to Friday in one quick swoop.  It just wasn’t fair.

I had planned to do a series on Little Man.  I thought it would be fun and wonderful like the last visit I had with him.  Time to play, time to watch, time to write.  Well, I was correct on two of three accounts.  I did get to play with him and I did get to watch as he did his thing.  I just didn’t have time to write.

Little Man stole the rest of my heart.  Frankly, I have no idea how I am breathing and moving around, as I know this cute little fingers are holding onto my heart miles away.

He stole some of my heart when he was born.  Each visit he captures a few more sections of my heart.  Last Sunday when I walked into his apartment with my sister and niece, he was sitting in his high chair having a snack.  He looked at my sister and my niece with curiosity.  He then looked my way and squealed, “Grammy!”   That did it.  The rest of my heart was dislodged.  It no longer resides within me.  He completed his task and has completely stolen my heart.

I will try to remember all the adventures I had the last week.  They went by quickly, and this old Grammy brain needs to recapture the joy she lived the last week.  The words need to be written so that I don’t forget them.

But, for now, I am home and missing Little Man.  This morning while cleaning I caught myself singing ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep’.  Of course it was the way Little Man sings that makes it so special.  Here are his words of his song, “Baa, baa black sheep, have you any Grammy?  Yes sir, yes sir she’s in my jammies.”  There are also verses for the other people in his life, but this verse is my favorite…  What a funny Little Man he is becoming.  I am blessed in knowing him  and am very sad in being back home now.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF

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5 thoughts on “Adventures with Little Man…

  1. That’s so cute…in my jammies…guaranteed once you settle back in all those stories will be like an avalanche coming through your senses. He sounds delightful. Will look forward to hearing more.

  2. I like this post. And I don’t like this post. I love that you both had precious time together. But, so sad that it sounds as if it may be a while again. Do you live far from him?
    I know my own mum was so involved in my kids’ lives. They adored her. And I was glad of that. How could they not have loved someone who clearly loved them so much? And yet who could still give them a row if they attempted to cheek me. ‘That’s my daughter.’ she’d say.
    They lost the only grandparent they had ever known a little over four years ago and still talk of her, remembering funny things, precious moments.
    Being ‘Nana’ is such an important job. It lets you love all over again, like having children for the first time. Grandchildren seem to take the love and the rows so much easier from Nana than from Mum. 😉 It’s a wondrous role I’ve yet to play.
    I’m so happy you had this precious time with him. But, if he’s far away. I’d move! And if he’s near, how blessed you both are.
    I look forward to hearing more about him. Love is always a beautiful thing to read about.x

  3. What a wonderful comment Momus! We live about 7 1/2 hours to 8 hours away from him. We do miss him. We are hoping to get up again in May to see him. The time just goes by too fast.
    His Nana (my son in law’s mom) lives close and sees him several times a week. I am grateful for that.
    I am grammy and my hubby is grampy… we Skype at least a couple times a week, so we do get to see him.

    I have often said that I may not have done many things well, but being a grammy, I think is a job I was born to do. Grandchildren are such a joy. It’s indescribable, your heart just seems to explode with the love when you see them.

    Your Mum sounds wonderful. My children never got to meet mine and I always regretted that. They would have loved her.

    Thanks for this comment… you are a blessing to hear from. DAF

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