Adventures with Little Man… snow piles, mud piles and trash trucks…

It has been six months since I was with Little Man.  He has grown so much!  He now runs everywhere and talks non stop.  He sings songs, and tells funny stories and is a joy to be with.

Yesterday, while Momma was at work, Little Man and I had some time together.  It was a pleasant day out and we went exploring.  This is a fancy way of saying we walked to the park.  The park was empty except for us, which suited me fine.  It was our kingdom to explore and have fun in.

In the corner of the park was a pile of leftover snow.  You know the kind, white underneath with a covering of black and gray sooty looking snow.  We headed that way, of course discovering the mud.  I knew Momma would not like us to play in mud, so I swooped up Little Man, watching where I stepped.  I put him on top of the leftover snow and I dug in deep to make a snowball.  I just had to do that.  I formed the snowball and handed it to my companion.  He threw the snowball and we laughed to see it explode upon hitting the ground.  “Make snowball Grammy.”  I was told.  Again, I dug deep into the pile and made another snowball.  Again we laughed at seeing it explode onto the ground.

We left the snow pile since I knew he would end up getting wet and cold soon.  We headed to the slide and tried to avoid the mud.

We talked about the mud and the snow and it was a wonderful conversation.

What caught our attention next was the trash truck picking up the garbage in the alley by the park.  I picked up Little Man and we watched as the garbage men threw the trash bags into the truck.  We watched as the trash churned in the truck.  His little eyes riveted on what was happening before him.  When the men finished their job, they waved to Little Man and told him to have a good day.  We thanked them and waved back.

Walking back to the apartment, I thought of the newness of the changing season.  To me, it was spring.  There is mud, there is leftover snow, there are the usual signs of a changing season.  I have seen it happen for years.  It is amazing to see flowers start to bloom and  grass start to green and mud dry up.  But, it is an ordinary changing from one season to the next.

I looked down at Little Man while thinking of this.  He was studying everything around him.  He was fascinated by everything he saw.  He pointed and he talked and he laughed.   This was an adventure.  This was new.

I learned that I need to look at the ordinary through new eyes.  Or, at least to see new things in the ordinary.   Little Man has reminded me, that although this may be just another birth of spring to me, and that it may be just another Monday trash pick up, to him, it is an adventure.  It was seeing for one of the first times how a trash truck works.  It was seeing how men can lob big bags filled with debris and have it land correctly in the truck.  It is feeling how mud can suck at your shoes, trying to gulp it down and keep you stuck.  It is seeing how underneath the black and gray sooty areas are places of pure white.

So, now I will have a refresher for the rest of the beginning of spring and longer.  I will remember to look at any job as a feat to carry out.  There is art in any job you attempt.  I will remember to not get sucked into situations that may look safe and steady and firm, but are actually soft and deep mud.  But most of all, I will remember that underneath the darkness and the dirty looking hard stuff, purity and softness can be found, and it is beautiful and fun.

So, thank you Little Man.  I know this week will go much too fast and I will miss the lessons you teach me each time we are together.

Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


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8 thoughts on “Adventures with Little Man… snow piles, mud piles and trash trucks…

  1. Maybe this is why I still work with children. They never fail to reveal life through their eyes. And still, after all these years, there is always another child who looks at it with fresh wonder and insightful comments. They constantly reinforce the beauty of the world or question the absurdities. They stop you in your tracks and remind you that there was once a time we saw like that.
    God bless them for I think it is children that help to keep the world sane. A place where wonder, magic and love abound. We just need to be reminded.
    Lovely post. So glad you are having such precious time with your grandson.x

  2. My heart is now full remembering the days of adventures. Children have a way of brightening the dullness of adulthood. Trash trucks and little boy faces are priceless.
    I had a feeling little man would be running around at this point…lol! Hope you packed your sneakers.

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