This morning I was on Facebook checking my page to see what was happening with everyone.  My niece mentioned a radio-thon a local radio station was holding for the Relay for Life.  She asked people to listen today and to support, if possible.  She then added a comment that she was going to be on air around 5 p.m..

My niece is a cancer survivor.  She is incredible and she inspires me.  Today, as I listened to this articulate young woman, I cried.  She has not had an easy life.  She has met with one set back after another.   I have written about her a couple of times.  My last post about her can be found here.

This afternoon I listened as she calmly talked on air.  She had been a guest two years ago for this radio station’s radio-thon, and the interviewer was getting caught up on what she has accomplished since then.  I think he was pretty impressed.  She has graduated college, and is rewriting her book.  She is also on her way to a career as a motivational speaker.

I sit and marvel at the goodness of our Lord.  He has given her the health to be all she is.  What is more, she has actually taken the opportunity to do all she can.  She is my example to live life to the fullest.  To attempt to see our dreams fulfilled.  Too often we shy away from doing what we really want to do.  We make excuses why we cannot move forward.  I am guilty of this.  When I start to think about doing something, my thoughts turn to my niece.  She is my energizer bunny on steroids.  Nothing stops her.  Yes, today, I am filled with pride.  I am so thankful, too, that she is here, a survivor in so many ways.   Just wanted you to know that.  DAF


12 thoughts on “Pride…

  1. Very nice ! But behind every strong person there is someone pushing them on. Her mother has taught her well, they don’t come much stronger than the mom behind her.

  2. very true, sister, very true… our other sister is just as incredible. Of course we always knew she was a force to be reckoned with when we would play house or school and she got to be the mom or the teacher… Love you. Glad you liked this.

  3. Oh, God is so good. God is always doing miraculous things in the lives of His children. God is able to turn every situation into a blessing for our lives. God bless your family ((hugs))

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