I am tired today.  I was up each hour last night.  Not on purpose, either.

I am grateful for my car.  It provides me with transportation, it works well and it does what it is supposed to do.  However, and this is a big however, it has a very sensitive alarm on it.

I don’t know why it does, it just does.  Hubby, who is a car repair genius, cannot figure it out either.   My car is a Subaru, as all our cars are.  Hubby is also a fanatic about that too.

Anyhow, when a Dodge or a Chevy hit their alarm in the area, my car starts to go off.  Not all the time, mind you, just when it feels like it.

I was once called out of Wal-mart to turn off my car alarm.  That was bad enough, but it was also a rainy day and so I was just starting to dry off when I had to traipse out to the parking lot to turn the stupid car alarm off.

Last night around 10:14, the car started beeping.  We figured a neighbor had come home and so, hubby, grabbed the keys and turned the car off.  That was just the beginning.  Each hour, on the hour, at 14 past the hour, the car started honking.   I took the nighttime duty as hubby really sleeps soundly and we didn’t want an angry neighborhood at our doorstep early this morning.  So, today, I am tired.

I put the keys on the table beside me and I lay down.  I would just be drifting off to sleep when at 14 after. the car would beep.  Not just one beep, like ‘excuse me, you are getting into my lane, ‘  but an incessant , ‘would you watch what you are doing?  why do you even have a license?’ type beep.   The first few hours I would go to the front door, aim the remote and silence would prevail.   At the 4:14 noise I discovered that I could go to the bedroom window and if I aimed the key fob the right way, silence would come.

So, that was my night.  Hubby got up after the 8:14 racket and I attempted to truly get some sleep, but, alas, at 9:14, I knew I was beat.

Hubby thought maybe someone was messing around with us, but, doing this every hour on the hour?  That’s just plain sick.  But, whatever the reason, it is now 10:30 and the car has been quiet since the 9:14 annoyance.    By the way, when could I take a nap without looking pathetic?

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF


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16 thoughts on “Alarms…

  1. Suzie, You’re never too old to learn. My mom never drove a day in her life, and that was okay. You have wonderful public transportation which gets you everywhere. When we lived in Japan, I never drove, walked and took the bus, train, subway. Do you want to learn? Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I’m still a bit weak but much better thanks! I don’t need to drive as I live in a large city, I just feel that I should more than anything else…

  3. Suzie, I am glad you are feeling a bit better… as for the driving… go for it! It might open up new opportunities for you never knew before. Large cities are great for having ways of getting around though… living in California, we depended on our cars as you couldn’t really get anywhere without them.

  4. Oh dear, what an annoying nuisance. And a mystery to solve. Hope it doesn’t happen again tonight! Sweet Dreams 🙂

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