Love… a working computer…

I had a full month of posts planned on the topic of love.  I was excited for February to arrive.  Each day there was going to be a new post on love.  It was going to be great.

Great until, one morning when I went online and my computer did nothing.  It stared back at me and didn’t even blink.  I calmly handed it to hubby who fixed it.  Handing it back to me, he told me to be gentle, he didn’t know how well it was.  It worked for a day or two and died once more.  This time, the repair took longer.  Much longer than I had expected.

Two days ago, hubby handed it back to me and then the ice storm hit.  We didn’t lose power, but lost our cable, which meant no television, internet or phone.  The phone is okay to lose, don’t use it that often.  The television was a small pain since I couldn’t watch the Olympics, but, no internet?  Well, that is a fate worse than death.

So, now we are back up and running.  And here is a shortened version of several posts since they are all floating in my brain and I have to get them out.


Happy Birthday to my dear son-in-law.  He is a joy and blessing to me.  An answer to prayer for a devoted husband to my daughter.  He brings her laughter and a joy I never thought I would see on her face.  It sounds corny, but he does make her complete.  They are a team together and they are great parents to our Little Man.  He is a gift to our family and I wanted to acknowledge him on his birthday.  I celebrate him and am grateful for him.


I love February!  When I see the hearts and the pink and red colors coming out in store displays I begin to smile.  I love looking at the hearts everywhere.  The boxes of chocolates and the roses everywhere, it’s a sign of joy that is coming into lives.  I laugh through the first couple weeks of February because of the outward displays of what we really should be feeling each day of the year.  Valentine’s Day is a special day, filled with anticipation and joy, waiting to see what will be given.


When I was younger, and after my Mom had died, my older sister did all she could to make my birthday special.  She would plan birthday parties with and for me.  We would go to Woolworth’s and buy little plastic pink baskets and fill them with conversation heart candies, and cinnamon heart candies.  She would bake pink cupcakes and frost them and put red sprinkles on them for my guests.  She would let me look through her closet for something to borrow, since she had the ‘cool’ clothes to wear.  She is wrapped up in each memory of my birthday.  I am so very grateful for her, and I cherish the memories of her working so hard to make my birthday special.


Valentine’s Day is here.  This day can bring many emotions to the forefront.  It is a day that is either loved or hated.  I don’t know many who are ambivalent about it.   It is a day that is filled with buying, and wanting and expecting.  Flowers are expensive on this day, candy shops have lines out the door on this day, stuffed animals that are adorable on this day collect dust afterwards.  There is really no real significance to the celebration, as each day should be a day that we love one another, especially our significant other.  But, this day is one of my favorite days.  It is a day where I purposely think of my love for my hubby.  A day where I want to make an added effort to show him I love him.  It is a fun day.   Yes, great words and thoughts, but I should close now and go reheat some leftovers for him and then watch some Olympics.

Thanks for reading this overflow from my mind.  I certainly feel better getting some of this out!  DAF

14 thoughts on “Love… a working computer…

  1. How frustrating for us ‘goal oriented’ people to be suddenly stopped short, I feel your computer frustrations, lol. Happy Valentine’s Day, DAF 🙂

  2. So glad your computer is up and running again.

    1. You almost didn’t have a son-in-law for darling daughter,
    2. My birthdays are pretty much a wash every year (expect this past one),
    3. Why you ask to #1 Well, because a particular Valentine’s Day almost ended our romance for good. Sure I was about to get a beautiful bracelet or token of his love, I waltzed into the library (where all our friends were) at his request. He quietly handed me a card that he had drawn of himself (in his letterman’s sweater) in his last class, and a candy sucker with one of those stupid hearts that said, “I Dare You!” The quiet was shattered, as was the sucker, when I stood up and dropped it on the floor in front of him and walked out of the library. I swore I’d never talk to him again. I think it lasted for 6 weeks.

    Now we have a wonderful son, and you have a son-in-law who loves you both. I had a lovely birthday this year, and I love Valentine’s Day! I made BLT’s for dinner *hahahaha* Now that’s romantic!

    Love you my friend ❤

  3. Susie, I love this! Nothing like high school sweetheart drama… This makes me laugh… glad you had a gourmet dinner, we each had something different and both were leftovers, including the dessert, leftover birthday cake! Love you my friend, so thankful for you. Stay warm and dry. Did you see my facebook post?

  4. Yes, yes I did see your FB comment. In fact, our news channel has been talking about it and showing a map of the area. Mike texted VV and said he was sitting on his patio sipping ice tea – ugh! I feel like a giant black bear. When this winter is finally over I’ll weigh 300 lbs!!

  5. I feel your pain DAF! My charger broke and *bam* I’m living in the 19th century. Through in one snow storm after another and I’m basically living on a prairie. I’m glad we are both back in the 21st century!

  6. We did not lose power either, otherwise I would be out getting a covered wagon. My coworkers and friends were out for days, but they made the best of it and now they rally appreciate their lights. We are going to get another storm on Tuesday….Mother Nature has lost her mind.

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